Non-Immigrant US Visa Application Process


Nonimmigrant Visa Application Procedures

All applicants, regardless of age are required to appear at the embassy for an interview.

The application procedure for the first time nonimmigrant visa applicants and applicants who were previously issued a nonimmigrant visa is the same.

Minor (unmarried 20 years old and below) nonimmigrant visa applicants are required to appear with at least one parents for the interview. If the minor is an orphan or if both parents are outside of the Philippines, then a legal guardian must be present during the interview.

Application Process:

  1. Payment of Application Fee.
  2. Required Documents.
  3. Schedule an Interview.
  4. Go for the Interview.
  5. If issued a Visa.

Step1: Payment of Application Fee.

Nonimmigrant visa applicants must pay the machine-readable visa application fee shown on the schedule below. The fee is based on the purpose of the trip or visa category.

Effective June 4, 2010, the fees are as follows:

$140 – B1/B2, C1/D, F, J, and all other NIV categories not listed below. (Visitor/Transit/Student)

$150  -H, L, O,P,Q, and R (Temporary worker)

$350- K (Fiancee)

$390 – E (Investor/Trader)

To pay the fee, the applicant must have his or her passport number available. The applicant’s passport number will be tied to the MRV fee paid at he bank. Upon payment of the MRV fee, a unique identification number (UID) will be provided for the applicant in order to access the appointment system and to keep tract of the passport delivery. The UID is activated four hour after the time the cash payment was made; 24 hours for on-line payment.

There are three ways to pay the MRV fee:

  1. Pay in cash at any branch of the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI)
  2. Pay through online bill payment option provided by BPI for their customers.
  3. Online payment through Bancnet,

A fee applies to only one visa classification/application. I an applicant wishes to apply for more one than one visa simultaneously, corresponding payment per visa class must be made.

Visa application fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. No exceptions will be made to this rule. It is valid for one year after the date of actual payment; the interview must fall within the one year validity.

Step 2: Required documents.

All basic documentary requirements must be ready BEFORE an appointment can be made. Additional documents may be required, so please read the information below carefully.

The Nonimmigrant Visa Unit does not accept documents BEFORE the interview except for Treaty Trader (E!) and Treaty Investor (E@) visa applications. Any documents received will not be returned and will be destroyed (except the passport).

Basic Requirements:


applicants must complete the DS-160 Online Nonimmigrant Visa Electronic Application. Applicants can access the DS-160 from the Consular Electronic Application Center website.

In order to avoid delays in visa applications, visa applicants or their representatives must ensure that the following information is correctly provided:

Applicant’s Complete Name (required format is Surname, first Name (s), Middle Name)

Applicant’s Passport Information (the passport used in filling out the form must be the same

passport presented on the day of the interview.

Other Names (for married female applicants, type your complete maiden name).

Purpose of Trip–  (if the answer falls under “Other” specify the purpose of travel in the blank


Primary Occupation (if the answer falls under “Other”, specify the occupation in the blank


Contact Person and contact Address in the United States, Father’s Complete Name and

      Mother’s Complete Maiden name.


  1. PASSPORT– Signed passports must be valid for at least six month from the date of

intended departure from the United states. The passport must be in good condition, i.e, photo lamination is undamaged, and all passport pages are in tact.

Applicants must also present all previously issued passport or notarized affidavits of loss, if applicable.

Taiwanese passport holder who do not have Taiwan personal identification numbers listed above the date of birth on the biographic date page in their passports must present their original Philippine residency permit.

  1. PHOTO– One 2”x2” standard, full-frontal position color photo against a white background

taken within the last (6) months is required. Both ears must show in the photo. Please clik for additional information on photo specifications.

  1. EXTENSION OF STAY/CHANGE OF STATUS. Please bring copies of US citizenship

and Immigration Service (USCIS) approval of extension of stay or change of status, if applicable..

  1. PROOF OF RELATIONHIP. (if applying with/for dependents)
    1. a.      Original marriage certificate printed on Philippine National Statistics Office Security

paper, if applicable (if applying with a spouse and/ or child)

  1. b.      Original birth certificate printed on Philippine National Statistics Office security paper

(for dependents).

Additional Requirements:

Additional are based on the visa class that a person is applying for. Please look t the types of Visas page and view the details for each visa class.

Step 3; Schedule an Interview.

Book an appointment by calling (02) 982-5555 for calls within the Philippines and other

countries aside from mainland United States or (214) 571-1600 for calls from Mainland United States. The call center is open from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Monday to Friday, Manila time, except on U.S. and Philippine holidays.

Appointment can also be booked online through

Applicants who will book an interview online will be asked to create  unique password which will be used to access their appointment record and edit applicant information before their interview date. The call center and the online appointment website can slo provide general information about visa application procedures.

Step 4- Go for the Interview.

All applicants must appear at the Embassy for interview, except government officials traveling on official business and applying for A1,A2,G1, or G$ visas. Applicants are requested to arrive at the embassy gate one hour before the time of listed on the appointment letter.

Applicants must bring all the basic application requirements including the interview appointment letter, DS-160 confirmation page, valid passport, one 2”x2” photo, an all prior passports and U.S. visas, if available. It is helpful to bring a government- recognized photo ID (in addition to the passport) to present upon entry.

Embassy personnel are available to provide assistance at each step. Applicants who require interpreters ,must inform the interviewing officer on the day of their interview. The embassy will provide interpreter; there is no need to bring a relative  or a friend to act as an interpreter.

Step 5: If Issued a visa.

A consular officer will inform the applicant at the conclusion of the interview whether he/she qualifies for a U.S. visa. If a visa is approved, the passport with US visa will be delivered by the courier service at the address provided when they made the appointment. If the applicant is not present at the time of the delivery of the passport, the applicant must leave an authorization letter to a representative and a government recognized photo ID for both representatives and applicant. Both the applicant and the representative must sign the authorization letter.

For more information about visa processing, please visit the Frequently aked Questions (FAQs) page.

Website for this information:

Website for Electronic Application:

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