Grants for Ministries with Young People –2015 Grant Recipients

Young People’s Action for Socio-Economic Justice and Sustainable Development (Cotabato Province, Philippines) –Received GMYP grant for $10,200

Through a series of seminars, skills trainings, and programs, along with some financial assistance, the young people involved in this project are becoming empowered and equipped to overcome socio-economic injustices and working for personal, family and community transformation. Ana Loreen B. Porperio, a beneficiary of the project, says this: “My participation in this project…helped me to understand that the church is not only worship, Bible study and prayer meetings. It helps the poor and needy, like me and my family, to have more income for our needs. I thank God for this church.”

2016 Grants for Ministries with Young People Recommendations for Funding

National Youth Conference–Manila, Philippines [Philippines Central Conference]
Total Awarded: $2,500

This 4-day conference gathers youth leaders from all over the Philippines to share experiences, contribute new ideas and build relationships in order to better know Christ and make Christ known. The event has a track record of producing equipped and empowered leaders in the Church, and provides young leaders with opportunities to engage in different ministries of the church to explore their calling into ministry

OXY-GEN–Quezon City, Philippines [Philippines Central Conference]
Total Awarded:$5,000

This project aims to develop and sustain the music and dance ministry at the Good Samaritan United Methodist Church. This will be accomplished through purchasing quality instruments to create Praise and Worship Teams and receiving proper training from Christian musicians; they will also establish dance groups that will learn and perform many different kinds of dance forms in order to joyfully express their faith in the Lord.

Wildflame Campus Ministry–Bulacan, Philippines [Philippines Central Conference]
Total Awarded: $2,500

This campus ministry teaches youth to discern their unique call to live a meaningful life and to act with justice and fairness toward all people. The ministry produces young leaders by providing trainings and lectures to enlighten their minds and hearts, and strives to develop other
ministry aspects, like Praise and Worship, Children’s Ministry, Preaching, Dance and Small Group Ministry, to instill a love for the mission of the church and
show other ways young people can serve God.

2016 Youth Service Fund Recommendations for Funding

*Young People’s Faith-Sharing & Acts of Compassion Program –Catabato, Philippines
Total Awarded: $2,325

This project will help the young people of St. Michael United Methodist to witness and serve those in need in the Manubuan Village. They will be trained to share their faith, visit sick and shut-ins, help elderly and shut-ins with household chores, do vegetable gardening for the needy, prepare food for small children, encourage the community to resist drugs and alcohol, and be in ministry with prisoners in the municipal jail.

Global Scholarship Recommendations for 2015 -2016

Alfie Jann Loberiano Tangunan III -$1,575
Philippines, 21, Accounting

Michael Blanca Khemlani -$1,900
Philippines, 19, Information Technology

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