‘Let’s intercept traffickers!’

First United Methodist Church anti-trafficking teamMembers of First United Methodist Church, Seattle, Wash., huddle together. (Photo by Elizabeth Blanton)

United Methodist Women (UMW) are huddling together to bring awareness to human trafficking in the two weeks leading up to Super Bowl Sunday. UMW has asked United Methodist groups to participate virtually by submitting photos of Sunday school classes, congregations and committees in huddles for a photo campaign called “Intercept the Traffickers.”

Intercept the TraffickersUnited Methodist Women has launched a campaign “Intercept Human Trafficking” tied to the upcoming Super Bowl.

“Human trafficking is a crime,” said Susie Johnson of UMW’s Washington Office of Public Policy. She said this campaign is part of UMW’s ongoing effort to stop labor and sex trafficking.

“United Methodist Women from across the nation have joined this sacred mission by taking a stand to prevent, protect and prosecute those impacted by this trade in human beings that occurs everywhere in the world,” Johnson said.

Powerful virtual witness

Our “Intercept The Traffickers” photos will be a powerful part of a virtual huddle around the University of Phoenix stadium on Super Bowl Sunday. First United Methodist Church of Seattle is throwing support behind the photo campaign. Will you join us?

Consider taking some time in worship, community groups, or committee meetings during the days leading up to the Super Bowl, Feb. 1, to explain the cause and take a picture of members of your congregation huddled together to intercept human trafficking.

Information, bulletin inserts and directions for making your photos part of the UMW virtual campaign can be found at Intercept the Traffickers.

Editor’s note: Elizabeth Blanton and Cary Lee are members of First United Methodist Church, Seattle,Wash.
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