NCSA Biennial Assembly
1. Date: October 21-24, 2014 Venue: Salcedo UMC, Salcedo, Ilocos Sur
Registration : Php1,700.00 (Pre-reg, deadline, September 15,2014)
Php2,000.00 (On site registration)
2. On SCHOLARSHIP. It has been approved. Letters are signed and endorsed by our 3 Bishops to be distributed in your Conferences. Please get a survey of your Clergy Spouses’ membership so that we will know who wants/desires to take the Alternative Learning System and needs the Financial Assistance.
50% of the proceeds will go to scholarship fund and the other
50% will help subsidize those who could not afford to pay their registration in full.
3.1 June- DEADLINE of submission of messages, materials and advertisements. 3.2 July- August – layout and printing job going on.
3.3 September 30 – Finished Product: Souvenir program
3.4 The following are the amount per page:
Outside Back Cover : Php5,000.00 1 whole Page: Php3,000.00
Inside Front Cover : Php5,000.00 1/2 Page :Php2,00
Inside Back Cover: Php5,000.00 1/4 Page : Php1,000.00
3.5 It has been approved that each conference’s shall raise up to Php10,000, however if a conference can solicit over and above Php10,000, it shall be their Conference income, so they can lower their registration.
3. On Uniform:
3.1 It has been approved that the Tshirt of the NCSA – PLUM with Collar
3.2 Color by Episcopal Area:
DEA-Choice of Blue
MEA-Choice of Green

4. Registration:
4.1 There will be Pre-registration fee in the amount of Php1,700.00.
4.2 Registration Fee on site will be Php2,000,00
4.3 The following is the Registration Form:
Name ________________________________________________
Name of spouse________________________________________
Episcopal Area______________________ Conference________________
District ___________________________ Local church _______________
1.No of years as clergy spouse:_____
2.Educational Background: (Please check)
____Elementary Graduate ___ High School Graduate
____College Graduate ___ Post Graduate
Special Interest:_______________________________
Involvement (church, community, etc.)
5. Draft of the Biennial Assembly Program will be sent to all either by Postal mail , email or Posted at the Clergy Spouses Facebook Account.
6. All Executive Officers shall at least be at the Venue

All Presidents of the annual conference association should forward the names and address of all clergy spouses in their conference sister Reby Tabelisma or contact the CSA facebook account/

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