WEBSITE USEFUL FOR RESOURCES – news and resources for the Davao Episcopal Area churches.- UMC
http://www.Ministry Matters -Resources for preaching, Liturgy, music, Bible study, etc.-umc – Resources for sermons, illustration – Interdenominational
Chuck Knows Church– You Tube, UMC – website for the global UMC – Search for Program Calendar”. – Explain how UMC give through our connection – making disciples, sermons, liturgy, evangelism, leadership training. UMC – For Local church job description resources for young people and mission. –UMC – Older Adult Ministries – Focus on resources for covenant discipleship groups. –Devotions materials and publications of materials for retreats.- UMC Focus on prayer & prayer groups & prayer request. – UMC
WWW.UMCOR.ORG – Website for disasters and reliefs work.
WWW.GBGM.ORG/UMCOR/HEALTH/ – Focus on reliefs and health ministries, Malaria, HIV. – Mission work and ministries of the United Methodist women. – Missionaries, missions and establishing churches.
http://gbgm-umc.og/advance – Advance specials for proposal requesting fundings. Website for the UMC mission ministry. scholarship for clergy and national leadership development. – Higher education ministries, ordained ministries, scholarship. focuses on mission work of the United Methodist Church. – Website of the United Methodist organization. young people of the UMC, leadership, scholarship.
http://www.YOUTHSERVICEFUND.ORG – Website for the UMYF service fund raising ministry. programs on older adults and ministries to the aging.
http://www.CHURCHLEADERUMC.COM- Resources for the leaders of the church clergy and or lay.
WWW.GLOBALYOUNGPEOPLE.ORG- Website for the young people of the UMC. – Resources for interfaith relationship. – Resources for the UMWSCS projects and mission ministries. – UMC news service, written and broadcast and cable television program. Website for the financial life of the UMC Social justice resources and advocacy. – Website for curriculum resources materials. Website for pensions Website for archives and history. Ecumenical relationship and unity of the human community. Resources for racial and ethnic communities. Resources for equality of the status and role of women Center for mediation and conflict resolution UMC Book store. – Week of Prayer for Christian Uniity California Pacific annual conference website Interpreter magazine For Resources of Pastors- Interdenominational
www. Better Preaching Update Preaching update -Interdenominational Devotional Resources Council Judicial Council decision – UMYF Philippines

UNITED METHODIST Agency Website: (General Board of global Ministries) (Division of youth Ministry) (The Upper Room Ministries) (The Upper Ministries- Emmaus) (General Board of discipleship). (General Board of Discipleship Resources). (General Council of Finance and Administration) (General Board of Church and Society) (General Board of Higher Education and Ministry.) (General Board of Pension). (General Board of Publishing House) (General Board of Archives and History) (General Commission on Christian Unity and Interreligious Concerns) (General Commission on Communication0 (General Commission on Religion and Race). (General Commission on the Status and Role of Women (General Commission on United Methodist Men) (General Commission on Justice and Peace) (Cokesbury Bookstore) United Methodist Women

1. If there are any further questions, please email Sarah Smith at or

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