Below is a communication from retired Bishop Leo Soriano who was requested by the PCC College of Bishop to make a study on the qualifications of local pastors who can vote for the election of delegates to the PCC and General conference. The election of delegates shall be done by the 2015 annual conference.


Some of you have been asking about Local Pastors.

Local Pastors are clergy members of the Annual Conference, and therefore, should be included in the Roll of Conference members.

However, there is a qualification. For a local pastor to be included in the List, and have the privilege of voting for delegates to the General and Central Conferences, he or she must:

1) Serve under full time appointment for at least two consecutive years
before the 2015 Annual Conference Session.
2) Have finished M.Div. or a Conference Course of Study.

Retired local pastors are not to be included and counted. There are at least two reasons for this:

1) If he/she is retired it means that he/she is not under full time
2) A local pastor when retired, reverts to a lay status.

Those of you who have already submitted your list, please check on the remarks above.

For further inquiries and clarifications, we will try our best to respond to it. If it is short, you may just use the cp. My number is 09177008491.


Bishop Leo

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