Five Signs to Recognize a PK
July 22, 2014 Rev. Dr. Neki A. Soriano

There are many Preachers’ Kids (Pks) scattered all over. But the difficult life of being PKs pushed them to master the skill of adapting to their environment that you will not recognize PKs unless they tell you. A PK would just look like any ordinary person that, if within a group, it will be difficult to distinguish one from the rest. PKs now capitalize on their camouflage and shy away from the great expectation that goes with the label. I should know. But I will give you some tips that will help you recognize a PK when you see one. Here are 5 signs that will make you suspect a person is a PK.

1. He comes early to church but sits at the back pew. You would expect a PK to seat in the front pew, or lead worship, if he is not already in the choir. But by the time the PK can go to church by himself, he will no longer go to his preacher-parent’s church. Yes, he will go to another church where he will not be compelled to lead the Sunday School.123 But he remains a good church member: coming early to church, singing hymns with the congregation, kneeling in the rails to pray, and giving wholeheartedly his tithes. But because he is not musically inclined, and not a born leader and speaker, too, he abhors being in front, and so he sits at the back pew of the church and pretends no one sees him.

2. She works in the corporate world. The great expectation for a PK is to become a deaconess, if not also a pastor. Since her childhood, she was called “the little deaconess” whenever she tags along her preacher-parent. She has the talent and skill typical of a church worker. She is a born leader. When she started teaching Sunday School as a youth, people were sure what course she will take in college. So she took up business management and now works with a multinational company. She still goes to church regularly and is actively involved in the children’s ministry of the church.

3. He loves to party on Friday nights. Yes, he knows how to party. He has a social life unexpected for a PK. As a young adult, a PK lives a social life like any ordinary young adult. He balances work and play. But when he parties, he parties hard. You think he parties too much he does not find time to attend midweek prayer meetings or other church activities. He loves to hang out with friends, go bar hopping, and attend other social events. Like his friends, he drinks occasionally. He may even puff a cigarette or two. Whenever he is under a lot of stress in school or work, he goes to see a movie to unwind with his friends. Most of his friends are in the church young people’s group.

4. She is not an honor student. A PK is expected to perform well academically. Very well. Anything short of that expectation and she is a failure. So you will be surprised to know that the PK is not a consistent honor student. She may perfect some exams in her favorite subject but she has never cracked the top ten in her class. Most PKs belong to your average students. She may even sometimes fail in her exams but she is smart…street smart. She is also good in sports. No, not volleyball. Extreme sports like rock climbing or cross-country are her thing. Yes, she does a lot of unexpected things for a PK.

5. He is a sinner. You expect a PK to be the epitome of a perfect Christian. But he knows he is not perfect, yet he strives for Christian perfection. He acknowledges he is a sinner and have come short of the glory of God. Like any other Christian, he struggles in life and stumbles often. He has broken all the Ten Commandments, seriously. He would have broken the eleventh or twelfth commandment if there was one. When he commits a sin, it becomes magnified. He only hopes that when God forgives him, it also magnifies God’s grace for the people to see. And in his imperfect life, people will not see the PK but witness a great God at work to change him and wash away all his sins. You will know a PK because, like any other Christian, he strives to be holy as his Father in heaven is holy.

Rev. Dr. Neki A. Soriano is a 2nd generation PK; both his parents are PKs. He is a doctor by profession, but a pastor by vocation. He is married to his beautiful wife, Ghie. They have two kids, Neya and Ken, who are 3rd generation PKs. Dr. Neki wants to guide them in their own PK journey.

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