Tagum United Methodist church will conclude their one month celebration of their 60th Founding Anniversary this coming July 27, 2014.
I am posting a brief history of this church which was publish during their 54th Anniversary. So this history is not updated.

Brief History of Methodism in Tagum City
The beginning of Methodism in Tagum started with the coming of several Methodist members from Luzon who became land settlers and or to assume a job in Mindanao. Because of the Comity agreement of the Mission Boards they were directed to join an evangelical church in Tagum. To name a few of those Methodist who settled in Tagum are the Estabillos, Ravaras, Mangaoangs, Guiangs, and Castrence.

The official start of the Methodist work in Magugpo (now Tagum) began when the Rev. Calixto Garibay was sent by Bishop Jose L. Valencia to start the Methodist work in the Davao Provinces. He left Manila on July 24, 1951 and arrived in Davao on July 31. He was received by the Castrence family. His first pastoral appointment in Mindanao was to start Methodist work in Magugpo and Nabunturan in 1952, while serving as a traveling elder. During the early days of his work in Magugpo he met the following who were former Methodists in Luzon but were now attending other evangelical churches in the area:
Castrence Manuel Eusebio Balcitas Tioaquen Tugades
Ibanez Casas Galiano Feredos Ravara<br
Caranza Sumajit Caras Nitchas Estabillo<br

Some of those mentioned remained in their adopted churches but others decided to return to the Methodist church thus starting a core group that became a Methodist congregation.
The Rev. Calixto Garibay reported as traveling elder the following churches that were organized in Magugpo:
Libertad Methodist Church (Magugpo East)
Organized on Sept. 14, 1952 by the Rev. Calixto Garibay.
First Pastor: Pastor. Limerio Garibay

Mankilam Methodist Church (Magugpo West)
Organized on Sept. 26, 1952 by Rev. Calixto Garibay
First Pastor: Pastor Cordero Garibay

Magugpo Methodist Church (Magugpo Central, now Tagum)
Organized July 4, 1954 by Rev. Calixto Garibay
First Pastor Rev. Calixto Garibay
First Woman worker: Rufinena Garibay

Cuambugan Methodist Church (Magugpo)
Organized on Feb. 6,1955, by Pastor Aurelio Tioaquen
First Pastor: Pastor Aurelio Tioaquen

A small church building was built in 1954, followed by two storey building which served as a parsonage. In 1955 the present church lot was bought from the Tugades where a permanent church building was constructed in 1959. In 1971 a hollow block fenced was constructed around the church. By October of 1972 a semi-bungalow type parsonage was built and was dedicated on December. 1972 by the Rev. Limerio Garibay. This was followed by the construction of a two room toilet on the backside of the parsonage.

In 1976 Pastor. Luviminda Domingo started a kindergarten work. By the end of the conference year 1978 the District reported that Tagum Church has a well established kindergarten program.

An extension work in Misaoy began in October 24, 1982 and a temporary chapel was built for worship meeting place in Dec. 23, 1983. For unknown reason the worshipping congregation was discontinued around 1985.. The work however was continued again in 1989 only to be stop in 1991.

Our present altar table was acquired in 1988. The church building had major renovation and was rededicated on March 28,1992. In 1995 a concrete fence with interlinked wire was constructed in front of the church. The altar of the church was also renovated during the early part of 2002.

At the start of the conference year 2002 the church started envisioning a Mission Resource Complex. Using a multipurpose kindergarten room built in 2001 as a base, a two storey building will be constructed to accommodate the mission program of the church in the years to come. Today another room was added in this Mission Resource Complex. The construction will continue as the Lord provides until it will be completed.

While putting priority on the physical features of the church for its mission work, Tagum UMC also continued a dynamic mission of planting a daughter church. We gave birth to a daughter church, the New Corrella United Methodist Church last March 2002.. We are praying and seeking for God’s guidance for another mission field near or within Tagum that is open for great possibilities.

The following are the list of Church workers that served our church.

Year Pastor Deaconess/Woman worker
1954- 1963 Calixto Garibay / Rufinena Garibay
1963- 1964 Camilo Tabiendo / Epenita Tomas
1964-1965 Benjamin Macadenden / Epenita Tomas
1965-1966 Rufinena G. Sanchez / Luviminda Guzman
1966-1967 Rufinena Sanchez / Alice Tabiendo
1967-1968 Anacleto Castillo<br
1968-1969 Amado Pidut<br
1969-1970 To be Supplied / Lydia Duroon<br
1970-1971 To be Supplied / Marina Rufino<br
1971-1972 Federico Sanchez
1972-2974 Bienvenido Hayag
1974-1975 Bonifacio Buduan/ Alfeo Ancheta
1975-1979 Luviminda G. Domingo
1979-1980 To be Supplied / Illuminada Napoles<br
1980-1982 To be Supplied
1982-1984 Rogelio Porquillo / Corazon Melgar<br
1984-1985 Luviminda Domingo / Corazon Melgar
1985-1986 Manuel Zambrano** / Corazon M. Deloso
1986-1987 To be Supplied / Corazon M. Deloso
1987-1988 Delfin Andres / Corazon M. Deloso
1988-1989 Leonardo Pama / Noemi Galvadores
1989-1990 James Perocillo / Corazon Cesario<
1990-1991 James Perocillo / Marjorie Ulanday
1991-1992 Renato Miguel / To be Supplied
1992-1993- Jimmy Bigaran / Marjorie Ulanday
1993-1994 Jimmy Bigaran / Marlita Maregmen
1995-1996 Jimmy Bigaran / Marlita Maregmen
1996-1997 Hector Guzman / Marlita Maregmen
1997-1999 Hector Guzman
1999-2000 Jonathan Ulanday / Marjorie P. Ulanday*
2000-2001 Jonathan Ulanday / Marjorie P. Ulanday*
2001-2002 James Perocillo / Marjorie P. Ulanday*
2002-2003 Francisco Bilog / Marjorie P. Ulanday*
2003-2004 Francisco Bilog / Fidela L. Bilog
* Woman Worker by Local Arrangement
. ** Appointed pastor but did not assume his appointment.

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