NCSA Biennial Assembly
Date: October 21-24, 2014 Venue: Salcedo UMC, Salcedo, Ilocos Sur
Registration : Php1,700.00 (Pre-reg, deadline, September 15,2014)
Php2,000.00 (On site registration)

1. On SCHOLARSHIP. It has been approved. Letters are signed and endorsed by our 3 Bishops to be distributed in your Conferences. Please get a survey of your Clergy Spouses’ membership so that we will know who wants/desires to take the Alternative Learning System and needs the Financial Assistance.

50% of the proceeds will go to scholarship fund and the other
50% will help subsidize those who could not afford to pay their registration in full.
2.1 June- DEADLINE of submission of messages, materials and advertisements. 3.2 July- August – layout and printing job going on.
2.3 September 30 – Finished Product: Souvenir program
2.4 The following are the amount per page:
Outside Back Cover : Php5,000.00 1 whole Page: Php3,000.00
Inside Front Cover : Php5,000.00 1/2 Page :Php2,00
Inside Back Cover: Php5,000.00 1/4 Page : Php1,000.00
2.5 It has been approved that each conference’s shall raise up to Php10,000, however if a conference can solicit over and above Php10,000, it shall be their Conference income, so they can lower their registration.

3. On Uniform:
3.1 It has been approved that the Tshirt of the NCSA – PLUM with Collar
3.2 Color by Episcopal Area:
DEA-Choice of Blue
MEA-Choice of Green

4. Registration:
4.1 There will be Pre-registration fee in the amount of Php1,700.00.
4.2 Registration Fee on site will be Php2,000,00
4.3 The following is the Registration Form:
Name ________________________________________________
Name of spouse________________________________________
Episcopal Area______________________ Conference________________
District ___________________________ Local church _______________
1.No of years as clergy spouse:_____
2.Educational Background: (Please check)
____Elementary Graduate ___ High School Graduate
____College Graduate ___ Post Graduate
Special Interest:_______________________________
Involvement (church, community, etc.)

5. Draft of the Biennial Assembly Program will be sent to all either by Postal mail , email or Posted at the Clergy Spouses Facebook Account.

6. All Executive Officers shall at least be at the Venue
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