Bishop Han Theological Seminary Announces the Opening and Start of the Master of Ministry Degree This May 2014

       The Bishop Han Theological Seminary in Malaybalay, Bukidnon, Philippines will start offering Master of Ministry degree this month of May 2014.

The Master of Ministry (M.M.) offered by BHTS is an intensive modular two year graduate Theological study program designed to provide the Clergy and Lay Leaders of various Christian traditions an in- depth Biblical, Theological,Mission, and Church Growth studies.


1. Lay Leaders: a). Transcript of Record (TOR Original) of a Bachelor Degree; b). Certificate of Lay speaking;  C). Endorsement from Immediate Superior/ Lo0cal Church Council.

2. Clergy and Or Church Workers: a). Transcript of Record (TOR Original) and any of the two: 1. Bachelor’s Degree; 2. Bachelor of Ministry / THEOLOGICAL EDUCATION BY EXTENSION accredited by the annual conference or Church Body.  b). Endorsement from the Immediate Superior/Local Church Council.


SUMMARY OF CREDIT UNITS:   (Grand Total – 48 Units)

Biblical Studies- 6 units

Mission – 12 units

Theology- 6 unita

Christian Education- 6 units

Church Ministry- 12 units

History- 6 units


FINANCIAL OBLIGATION FOR THE FIRST SEMESTER– ( 9 days- May 19-29, 2014) Php.. 6,550.00

The financial fess covers he following: Tuition fee for 12 units- Php. 3,600.00;  Dormitory with light and water- Php.900.00;

Meals- Php. 1,350.00;; Admission Fee- Php.200.00 and Miscellaneous fee- Php. 400.00.



Arrival: & Dormitory Arrangement-  May 18

Registration and Orientation- May 19

Classes- May 19-29, 2014.


FOR MORE INFORMATION: Please contact: Ms. Sheryl F. Sabas, Cp#09989764145 / 09998378676; Email:

FURTHER ANNOUNCEMENT: Enrollment for the Master of Divinity Program for the First semester for the school year 2014-2015 will be on May 27-30, 2014. The enrollment process shall include submission of requirement papers, Aptitude and Psychological Assessment for the in-coming first year.


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