Aging and Poverty Grants

Hi Folks and co-workers,
I am posting the notice for grant application for Aging and Poverty. Any interested church may connect to the website indicated below.
Application is on line,and any questions may also be answered in the website. I may also be able to answer any questions you may ask regarding the grant application. Deadline of submission is July 2014.
Francisco Bilog
COAM member
“Teri Kline

To ‘Barbara Bruce’‘Beverly Heasley’Bishop Looney and 17 More…

Today at 3:58 AM

Greetings COAM Members –


Attached is a letter of introduction about the Aging in Poverty grant funding and a copy of the application form. Please feel free to distribute this as you find appropriate. It has been placed on our website , and it will be part of the 5 Ideas newsletter from GBOD soon. My understanding is the GBOD communications office will advertise it through a press release as well.


Should you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.





Teri Kline
Coordinator, Office of Aging & Older Adult Ministries/Office of Best Practices
Leadership Ministries
GBOD | The United Methodist Church

PO Box 340003
Nashville, TN  37203-0003  

Toll-free: (877) 899-2780 Ext. 7177

Local: (615) 340-7177

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