This is to remind our annual conferences to organize a Council on Older Adults Ministries in their conferences. Please be guided by the UMC Book of Discipline, 2012, par. 651.

The responsibilities of the Council or Committee are the following:

1. To initiate and support  ministries, plans, activities, and projects that are of particular interest to older adults;

2. Identify the needs, concerns, and potential contributions of older adults  in the annual conference, its districts and in the local churches;

3. To advocate on behalf of older adults;

4. To support and facilitate, where appropriate, the formation of older adults caucuses;

5. To recommend to the annual conference committee on nominations qualified and motivated older adults for membership on boards and agencies;

6. To cooperate with the boards and agencies of the annual conference in receiving and making recommendations to provide for the needs of older adults in The United Methodist church;

7. To participate with the annual conference board of discipleship,or the conference of the laity in the nomination of the coordinator of the conference of older adult ministries for election by the annual conference;

8. To educate and keep before the annual conference and its district the lifelong process of aging with emphases on the quality of life, inter-genrational understanding, and faith development;

9. To serve as focal point for supplying information and guidance on older adults ministries within the annual conference and its district;

10.To support the development of resources that will under gird older-adult ministries within the annual conference.





1.      The task of the local church coordinator of older adults ministries shall be to assist the local church congregation in its ministry with older adults.

2.      The coordinator shall be responsible for coordinating  the primary task of the local congregation with older adults.

3.      The coordinator is charged with the task of planning and coordinating an intentional  ministry by, with, and for older adults in the local church.

4.      The coordinator does not run the older adult ministries, Rather, she or he facilitates and coordinates the work of others.


            The following qualities may enhance one’s ability to be an effective local church coordinator of older adult-adult ministries.

·         Articulate- a person who can communicate well with others.

·         Faithful- A person who is involved in the life of the local church congregation and is growing in his or her Christian faith;

·         Knowledgeable- A person who is knowledgeable about older adult concerns and aging issues and is knowledgeable about the organization of The United Methodist Church.

·         Resourceful- A person who is capable of enlisting others to participate in events and programs and is capable of acquiring resources and information available to the faith community.


            The following list of responsibilities is a guideline for carrying out the work of the local church coordinator of older adult ministries.

1.      Work closely with your church:  

            Pastor,            Church Lay Leader,      Chairperson of the church council;  .

            Chairperson of the Nurture and outreach committees;   

            Chairperson of the Christian Education Committee;  

            Coordinator of adult and family ministries.

2.      Help older adult relate to God by inviting them to become disciples of Jesus Christ, and to equip them and send them out in service in the world.

3.      Study the needs and concerns of older adults in the local church congregation and community.

4.      Serve as chairperson of the older adult council.

5.      Conduct regular meetings of the older adult council and appoint committees and taskforce as necessary to carry out the task of older adult ministries.

6.      Organize an older adult survey file for all older adult in the congregation and develop a process for using the information.

7.      Survey the needs of older adults, church programs, and church facilities as it relates to older adult ministries.

8.      Coordinate with the local church council the planning and implementation of a unified and comprehensive plan for ministry by, with, and for older adults.

9.      Keep the needs and concerns of older adults before the church council and the local congregation.

10.  Advocate on behalf of the needs and concerns  of older adult in the local congregation and community.

11.  Inform older adults about district and conference events and other opportunities for learning and serving in the community.

12.  Serve as liaison with organizations, people, and resources in and beyond the local church as each relates to older adults.

13.  Review and evaluate programs as they affect ministry by, with, and for older adults.

14.  Continue learning and growing in the Christian faith.

15.  Participate in opportunities for continued education in areas relating to older adults ministries.


The local church coordinator of older adult ministries may serve on the following committees:

·         Church council

·         Older adult council

·         Nurture and outreach committee

·         Christian education committee

·         Other committees deemed necessary t o  carry out an intentional older adult ministry.













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