• Update on the UM Communities in the Visayas affected by Typhoon Yolanda
  • By Neki Ghie Soriano

Nov. 13, 2013
Update 3 – Two United Methodist pastors in Tacloban are still missing as of 7:00 pm today, Nov 13, 2013. DS David Dacaya Cosmiano reported that their church members has not yet receive any communication from Rev. Iris Picardal and family and Pastor Lito Luana and family. The UMC in Tacloban was destroyed by the Supertyphoon. Members described the city as a virtual mudwaste with a smell of death. Meanwhile, DS Cosmiano happily shared that his son Dzey-ahr Cosmiano texted them informing them that he is well.

On the other hand, DS Irene Respuesto shared that members in Negros had their livelihood and farm fields destroyed. The government has appealed for support in other affected areas other than Tacloban.  DS Roy Tibalbag also shared that churches in Aklan need help but because the area do not get enough media mileage, support has not been received. Local government officials in Panay and Negros needs food as their supply is also getting low. Food and non-food items donations are most welcome.

You can send your help to UMCOR or to the Office of the Bishop-DEA.

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