General UMC Agencies Website;

http://www.-umcmission.org.    (General Board of global Ministries)

http://www.globalyoungpeople.org.   (Division of youth Ministry)

http://www.upperroom.org.   (The Upper Room Ministries)

http://www.upperroom.org/emmaus   (The Upper Ministries- Emmaus)

http://www.gbod.org (General Board of discipleship).

http://www.umcworship.org (General Board of Discipleship Resources).

http://www.gcfa.org. (General Council of Finance and Administration)

http://www.umc-gbcs.org. (General Board of Church and Society)

http://www.gbhem.org. (General Board of Higher Education and Ministry.)

http://www.gbophb.org (General Board of Pension).

http://www.umph.org. (General Board of Publishing House)

http://www.gcah.org. (General Board of Archives and History)

http://www.gcuic-umc.org. (General Commission on Christian Unity and Interreligious Concerns)

http://www.umcom.org. (General Commission on Communication0

http://www.gcorr.org. (General Commission on Religion and Race).

http://www.gcsrw.org. (General Commission on the Status and Role of Women

http://www.gcumm.org. (General Commission on United Methodist Men)

http://www.justpeaceumc.org. (General Commission on Justice and Peace)
http://www.cokesbury.com (Cokesbury Bookstore)

http://www.unitedmethodistwomen.org United Methodist Women

Where To Look For Your Resource Needs:

umcdea.wordpress.com –( Website for the DEA.- UMC)
http://www.Ministry Matters – (BS, sermon, Liturgy, music, etc.- UMC)
Sermoncentral.com – (sermons, illustration – Interdenominational)
Chuck Knows Church–  (Yu Tube, UMC)
http://www.gbod.org -( sermons, liturgy, webinars, evangelism, leadership training. UMC)
WWW.GLOBALYOUNGPEOPLE.ORG- (Website for the umyf & umyaf).
http://www.gbod.org/youngpeople- (resources for young people and mission.)
http://www.upperroom.org –( Devotions materials and publications of materials for retreats.- UMC)
http://www.upperroom.org/prayer- (Focus on prayer & prayer groups & prayer request. – UMC)
WWW.UMCOR.ORG – (Website for disasters and reliefs work.)
WWW.GBGM.ORG/UMCOR/HEALTH/ -( Focus on reliefs and health ministries, such as Malaria, HIV.
http://www.gbhem.org – Higher education ministries, ordained ministries and offer some scholarship.)
http://www.gbod.org/smallgroup/ -( Focus on resources for covenant discipleship groups.)
http://www.gbgm-umc.org – (Missionaries, missions and establishing churches.)
http://www.umcmission.org– (focuses on mission work of the U M Church.)
http://www.gbgm-umc.org/umw – (ministries of the United Methodist women)
http://www.gcumm.org –   (Website of the U MMm organization.)
http://www.fieldguideumc.org- ( young people of the UMC, leadership and scholarship.)
http://www.YOUTHSERVICEFUND.ORG – ( UMYF service fund raising ministry.)
WWW.aging-umc.org- (programs on older adults and ministries to the aging.)
http://www.CHURCHLEADERUMC.COM- (leaders of the church clergy and or lay.)
http://www.faithtrustinstitute.org – (Resources for interfaith relationship.)
http://gbgm-umc.og/advance – (Advance specials for proposal requesting fundings.)
http://www.umwmission.org – (UMWSCS projects and mission ministries.)
http://www.umcom.org –(UMC news service, written and broadcast and cable television)
http://www.gcfa.org-  (Website for the financial life of the UMC)
http://www.umc-gbcs.org- (Social justice resources and advocacy).
http://www.umph.org – (Website for curriculum resources materials.)
http://www.gbophb.org- (Website for pensions)
http://www.gcah.org-  (Website for archives and history.)
http://www.gccuic-umc.org- (Ecumenical relationship and unity of the human community.)
http://www.gcorr.org- (Resources for racial and ethnic communities.)
http://www.gcsrw.org-(Resources for equality of the status and role of women)
http://www.justpeaceumc.org- (Center for mediation and conflict resolution)
http://www.cokesbury.com  (UMC Book store).
http://www.cal-pac.org    (California Pacific annual conference website)
http://www.interpretermagazine.org – (Interpreter magazine)
www. Better Preaching Update   (Preaching update Interdononational)
Godfruits.com    (Devotional Resources)

umyfp.org- UMYF in the Philippines
1. ssmith@gbod.org or youngpeople@gbod.org
2. wwwgbgm-umc.org/scholarship
3. scholarship@umcmission.org.
4. http://www.gbgm-umc.org/crusade   ( Scholarship for clergy and national leadership development).

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