Joy Eva Bohol, GBGM Mission Intern to Columbia

Joy Eva Bohol

Serving At: Centro Popular para América Latina de Comunicación (CEPALC)

Location:Colombia, Latin America and the Caribbean

Home Country:Philippines, Asia and Pacific

Joy Eva Bohol.jpgJoy Eva A. Bohol is a mission intern with the General Board of Global Ministries of The United Methodist Church working with the Centro Popular para América Latina de Comunicación (CEPALC) in Bogotá, Colombia.

Mission interns engage in a 25-month international program that includes 20 months in a foreign placement, two-and-a-half months in training and transition (or itineration), and a final two-and-a-half months in a special project or itineration in their home countries. Interns integrate faith and justice by learning and working in communities that struggle with injustice and suffering. Joy Eva was commissioned in August 2013.

CEPALC was set up in 1978 to help the desperately poor of Colombia to use communications resources to support their claims to human rights and justice. The gap between the rich and poor in Colombia is staggering. CEPALC prepares resources and provides training intended to close that gap and achieve a more just society. Joy Eva assists in the programs involving women and children.

Joy Eva—her name is short for “Joyful Evangelist”—is from Cebu City in the Philippines, where she is a member of the Labangon First United Methodist Church. She received a Bachelor of Arts in mass communication from the University of the Philippines. Her mother is clergy. Joy Eva has worked for an online newspaper; served as national president of The United Methodist Youth Fellowship in the Philippines; been a team member for Discipleship Resources in the Philippines; and worked as an Emmaus Walk community coordinator. She has taken part in mission trips within and outside the Philippines.

Luke 2:41–52, the passage about Jesus engaging with elders in the temple, exerted a strong influence upon her as a 12-year-old just beginning to be involved in the United Methodist Youth Fellowship. “In his youth and young adult life,” she says, “Jesus consistently lived a humble, faithful, and action-oriented life….He shares God’s message through object lessons and miracles. And as Jesus’ disciple, I am called to do the same.”

She has known for years that she would enter mission as a vocation, and she hopes that the United Methodist Church in the Philippines will soon launch a “domestic mission program for passionate young people.”

Contact Information:
E-mail Me!

Additional Information:

·         Make an online donation to: Joy Eva Bohol #3021829.

·         Missionary Support Code: 3021829

·         Track Gifts for Current Year. For previous years, please use Online Gift Tracking and enter 3021829 for “Project Number.”

·         Last profile update: 19 Aug 2013- See more at:–Joy-Eva#sthash.z0ChsvyX.dpuf

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