DEA District Superintendents:

Rev. Irinea Respuesto     Rev. Roy Tibalbag

Rev. Edwin Rey Exiomo   Rev. Dennis Laguardia

Rev. Wilfredo Vargas    Rev. Benjamin Dupitas

Rev. Manuel Rapisura    Rev. Primero Laforteza

Rev. Roberto ladia    Rev. Recto Baguio

Rev. Samuel Domingo   Reynaldo Sombilon

Rev. David Cosmiano



This is to inform you of the coming DEA joint cabinet meeting on June 24-26, 2013 at Spottwoods Methodist Center, Kidapawan City.

Your presence is a must. We expect your fruitful participation.

Please Bring the following to the DEA Joint Cabinet Meeting. You may email these reports before you come to the Cabinet Meeting:
1. List of workers appointment
2. List of local churches in their district with corresponding Apportionment
3. Schedule of salaries of pastors and deaconesses
4. District Superintendent’s Service Record with 2X2 picture
5. List of Mission points in the district
6. Other relevant information about their respective districts

Davao Episcopal Area Strategic Planning will follow on June 27-30 at the same place. Your presence during these two meetings is crucial to the success of the meetings.



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