Mrs. Vida Grace T. Sison, announces the holding of the 8th National Bible Quiz to be held on January 26, 2013, 8:00am-12:00 noon, at the Philippine Christian University Auditorium, Taft Avenue, Manila.

She further emphasized the Objectives of the Bible Quiz, which are:
1.To inculcate in the youth of The United Methodist Church in the Philippines a love and zeal for God and His Word;
2. To promote and encourage the young people in memorizing verses and get them involve in regular Bible Study that they may apply the truth of God’s Word and learn how to live for God each day.
3. To bring together young people from different annual conferences to fellowship with one another and engage in the Word of through the National Bible Quiz.
4. To proclaim God’s grace and salvation through Bible Quiz questions so that parents and friends may be challenge to Christ as their personal; Savior and Lord and be encourage in their for him.
5. To give an opportunity for parents and other adults to build and deepen their relationship with the youth and to be able to further disciple and mentor the youth.
6. To present an exciting and positive competitive environment in which the young people can display their Bible knowledge.
7. To stimulate the interest of christian educators and church workers in the value of studying the Bible regularly with the youth and help in the Christian value formation of the youth that they may become better and worthy citizens in this country.

Official Bible Version that will be use will be the Good News (Today’s English Version TEV) Second Edition 1992.

Method of Bible Study:
a. The Gospel of John, Paul’s Second Letter to timothy, and Psalm 119 are intended to be carefully studied, and their content mastered by the contestant;
b. The verses, on the other hand, are intended to be memorized and to be quoted upon demand.

Eligibility of Participants:
1. Must be a bona fide UMC youth between he ages 12-17 in or out of school (Junior 12-14 years old, Seniors 15-17 years old).
2. For the Grand (National) Finals: Must submit written approval of parents and written endorsement from the local church /pastor. certified true copy of the birth certificate or baptismal certificate must be attache to the application form. Application forms will be sent to the annual conference level representatives.
3. children of members of the National Bible Quiz Executive Committee, Quiz Administration committee, Board and Staff of BCEC and their relatives up to the second degree of consanguinity or affinity are disqualified to join the contest.

Part 1- Elimination Round- 15 questions each for the Junior and Senior levels;
Part 2-Verses Exposition- Top eight contestants from each level;
– One minute exposition in English or Filipino;
– Criteria message imparted; coherence & clarity, Stage presence.
Part 3- Memory verse recitation- Top five contestant from each level.

Only the top three will be given prizes.

Travel expenses of finalist participants in Manila will be reimbursed. Lodging will be provided for the finalist and their coaches/chaperons. Only one coach/chaperone for each finalist is allowed.

Let us pray for the success of this 8th national Bible Quiz.

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