Grace to you and Peace from our Lord Jesus Christ!

We have reached the season of Advent. It is the first season in the Church Year and it is also the season that leads up to Christmas season. This is the season of preparation, penitence and expectancy. This season lasting for four weeks is for contemplating the meaning of the coming of Jesus, not only to the world but to every individual’s soul.

This coming could be seen in three ways. First, the coming of the Son of God to the world in human form as the babe in the manger.  Second, the coming of Jesus into the lives, hearts and actions of those who accepted him as their savior. And third, the future coming when Jesus will return to all of creation as the sovereign God.

Advent heightens the senses and emotions and sets the stage for the wonder of Christmas. When presented in the proper way, Advent also plants the spiritual seed that grows into an understanding of the reason for this special season. Advent puts Christmas into the proper perspective.

As we prepare for the joyous season, I pray that the meaning of Christmas be made real in our lives. Merry Christmas!

Yours in Christ,

Davao Area

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