To promote the importance of Health as God’s ministry, the Comprehensive Community-based Primary Health Care Program, the Health Ministry of the UMC-Davao Episcopal Area, invites all Pastors to submit written sermons on the topic of Health. Holistic salvation is a hallmark of our Wesleyan heritage and it emphasizes not only spiritual renewal but also the person’s body and mind, including the society and community the person lives in.

Please submit the sermon (preferably a soft copy) typewritten on a short bond paper, font size 12, Times New Roman, double spaced, with 3-5 pages. Sermon can be in English, Filipino, Cebuano or mixed of the three only. Email to or send a hard copy at UMC Center, 104 CM Recto Ave, Davao City. Deadline of submission is on October 30, 2012.

Three winners will be selected and announced on November 30, 2012. Winners will be notified by email. Winners will receive Php 1,500 cash prize and exciting gifts.

This call for Written Sermons is open to all UMC-DEA PASTORS only (retired, local pastor, part-time, full time, commissioned and ordained). (Opo, puede din ang DS).

Neki A. Soriano M.D.
Ospital ng Maynila
Dept. of Family and Community Medicine

Director, Comprehensive Community-based Primary Health Care Program
Office of the Bishop
United Methodist Church, Davao Episcopal Area
Office Tel # (82) 222-4474
Mobile # +639228768095

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