The spouses of the clergy of THE UNITED METHODIST CHURCH in the Philippines will gather in Davao City for their 11nth National Biennial Assembly on October 24-27, 2012, at the Cathedral: The United Methodist Church.

The theme of the assembly is: : The CSA, Soaring high with God in Love & Unity


Day 1- October 24, 2012 OD: DEA Arlene May del Rosario

09:00 NCSA Execom Meeting at Central UMC
01:00- 4:00 Registration/Accommodation/Settling in Free Eye check up with Dr.Leigh Juan
06:30 -7:30 SUPPER
07:30- 9:00 Opening Worship and Communion/MMK Preacher: Bishop Leo Soriano Celebrants: Bishop Soriano, DS Reuel Miguel, DS Abraham Perasol and Rev. Ronnie Inis Liturgist: CS Arlene May del Rosario
09:00- Welcome Night (Presentation by Area Incharge : DEA

Day 2- October 25, 2012 OD: MEA Lenalee C.Borromeo

05:30- 6:00 Wake up and stretch!
06:00- 7:00 Break-it-fast
07:00- 7:30 Preparation
07:30-9:30 Opening of the assembly
Parade of Colors
MEA –Plum Purple
BEA- Yellow Gold
DEA- Neon Green
Marshal Incharge: DEA CSA
Fruit Festival
Presentation of the Program
Keynote address: Dr. Leigh L. Juan
09:30-12:00 BTR with Bishop Arichea
12:00 –1:00 Maniudto na!!!! PAHULAY SA (SIESTA HOUR)
01:00 – 3:00 Business Session 1
President’s Report (by Area)
National Presidents Report
Presentation of the CSA Theme Song
Presentation of the Official Logo
03:00 – 3:15 Break TIME
03:15 – 6:00PalarongPinoy! CSA Henyo!(Do No Harm)
Incharge: Jho and Aurora

06:00 – 7:00 SUPPER
07:00 – 9:00 EVERYBODY’S BIRTHDAY Incharge: Rhoda Jose
Inspirational Talk By Mrs. Dania Soriano
09:00 TULOG NA

Day 3 – October 26, 2012 OD: BEA NitzMacatiag

05:30 – 6:00 Rise up and Jump!
06:00-7:00 Breakfast
07:00 – 7:30Preparation
07:30 – 8:30Praise& Worship c/o BEA
08:30- 10:00 VAWC with BOWW “Do No Harm”
10:00-10:15 Break Time
10:15-12:00 Children’s Ministry“Do Good” (Tsinelas at iba pa!)
Team Leader:
12:00-1:00Lunch /Siesta Time
1:00 – 2:30Business Session 2
-Treasurer’s Report & -Election
02:30-6:00 Free Time
06:00-7:00 Dinner
07:00-9:00 Cultural Night
09:00Ligths off…

DAY 4 – October 27,2012 OD: Execom

06:00-7:00 Breakfast
07:00-9:00 Unfinished Business
09:00-10:30 Commitment Service
Installation of Officers- Bishop Juan
10:30-11:00 Picture….Picture…
11:00-12:00 Hulingtanghaliansa Davao!
Bye…Bye..paalam…see u next biennial!


Reg. Fee – Food & accommodation 4,500
Kit (Bag – 120×150)
(Tshirt -150×150)
( Misc- 50×150) 320
Donation from Bishop’s Office 10,000
Offering (3 services) 5,000
Everybody’s Bday 5,000
Biennial Dues6,000 (30/200 members)
Apportionment – 24.000 (24 Conferences x1000)
Php. 794.000
*Fund Raising was proposed by Ate Aida Latonero “Fund Raising Concert”
-Spearheaded by Ate Aida Latonero with Fe Olonan,
RebyTabelisma, Rhoda Jose & Len Boromeo
-Tentative target date – July
*Plan B was proposed by Mrs.Soriano Food will be catered
100/meal x 3 meals x 3 days = 900
Snacks will be provided by Area
Pillow, blanket and love gift =100
*Proposed Reg Fee !,700
Transpo 3,000
Php. 4,700
*Pre Reg 1,500
*On Site Reg 1,700

*Snack Incharge : Day 1 MEA Oct.25
Day 2 BEA Oct 26
Day 3 DEA Oct 27
*Cake will be donated by Ate Aida (3 cake) and Ate RebyTabelisma
(1 cake)
*Aida Macarasig was place by Belinda Villanueva MEA because
Aida Macarasig was no longer connected with the UMC
*EXECOM and all advisers are free of reg…yahoooo!
*Selma Dabandan is appointed to fill in Study and Program position
*Transportation expenses of Fe Tangonan amounting to 7,649 and
accommodation of 1,800. Will be shouldered by NCSA
*Liturgy, minutes, pictures,greetings and those who responded in the
souvenir program will be included in the program
Closing prayer :

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