CAMACOP Warning:  Exposing the Dangers of G12
(with EGR as its Implementing Strategy)

(By Rev. Isaias F. Catorce – National Director / Evangelist & Apologist of the Ambassador For Christ International in the Philippines.)

(I am re-posting this article taken from for the information of interested church workers about the effect of the g12 movement not only in the christian and Missionary Alliance Church of the Philippines but possibly among the evangelical churches in the Philippines- FBilog)


The truth or falsity of a statement (in the Christian arena) must be governed by what Christ taught and what the Scripture says. It is my concern that this material be properly scrutinized if for no other reason because truth must prevail. The main purpose of this presentation is to arrest the minds and captivate the hearts of our CAMACOP (Christian and Missionary Alliance Churches of the Philippines – 2,300 organized churches all over the Philippines; CBAP has only 450+ local churches) leaders to make a proper statement about the G12 movement for the sake of its denomination’s heritage.

In my personal analysis, the G12 Movement, which embarks with EGR as its implementing method, is foreign to CAMACOP in terms of doctrines and practices. By and large G12 is cultic, divisive, and so dangerous that it can destroy one’s denominational distinctive. It does not teach the whole counsel of God, it enthrones its leaders center stage, and emphasizes more of experience, circumventing authentication from the Scripture.

Here are some sustaining arguments:

1. G12 is a movement authored by Cesar Castellanos who Pastors the International Charismatic Mission (ICM) in Bogota, Columbia which promotes a cell church strategy as alleged directly revealed truth from God to him. But we must be skeptical about it. In reality the revelation of God claimed by Cesar Castellanos to him is faulty because it is alleged Jesus trained 12 disciples reproducing Christ’s character in them. What about Judas? Since Christ’s character was not reproduced in Judas then the alleged revelation of God to Cesar Castellanos is faulty.

2. Like some other Charismatic and Faith Movements G12 has no Statement of Faith and governing Doctrines and Beliefs. The subtleties of the practices are governed by teachings that are not Biblically-sound (Example: In Castellanos’ book: “Success Leadership through the Government of 12”, page 24 on controlling what you wish to happen; page 286 on “Baptism in the Holy Spirit with evidence of speaking in tongues”; page 300 on the misapplication of bearing the cross; page 306 on the subject of deliverance of past ties; and page 309 on Paul and Jacob’s encounter with God as determining factor for a fruitful leadership). We must understand that theology always determines strategy. EGR is a strategy that has a subtle form of twisted theology.
3. G12 is a real concept that has some worthy elements, albeit based on a faulty premise. In the first place, the number 12 in the Bible has no special or magical meaning. Jesus Christ never instructed his disciples that each of them must form 12 governing disciples. While discipleship is a divine command, G12 is not at all that Biblical pattern to imitate.

4. G12 anchors its program on God’s model of the 12 through which Jesus’ vision is reproduced (pp. 26, 27) and brings about supernatural powers in them. We argue however that from the beginning of time God performed miracles, signs and wonders notwithstanding the system or strategy we implement. After all, the 72 followers (not limited to twelve) commissioned by Jesus and sent them two by two (Matthew 10:1; Mark 6:7; Luke 10:1) did so many miracles.

5. The G12 model has stages of implementation called the Ladder of Success: Win, Consolidate, Disciple and Send, just like ordinary discipleship methods. The big problem lies in the consolidation process which involves some teachings like forgiveness, breaking of curses, deliverance, inner healing and baptism in the Holy Spirit, which in the final analysis is Biblically, Scripturally and Theologically unsound. .

6. Implementing the model of G12 “requires abandonment of traditional methods and embarking on a totally different way” (p. 203). You are never free to adopt any little methods from others because as Cesar Castellanos said, “This will never work because the model of Twelve is very specialized, you either embrace it entirely, or you do not, there is no middle ground for compromise” (p.204). On the one hand absolute conformity to the teachings and methods is required while on the other hand discussions about doctrines are not allowed hence they are divisive (School of Leaders, course #12, level 2 “Principles for a dynamic and successful cell”). Does this sound familiar? Unlike Islam that prohibits translation of the Koran and interpretations by those outside Islamic circles, G12 prohibits investigation of their teachings even from amongst its own leaders and followers. Is G12 another Bible for Christians? CAMACOP are you ready to gamble with your denomination’s rich heritage?

7. G12 is very divisive. Leading proponent of the cell church, author Joel Comisky commenting on G12 said: “In a very real way, the G12 movement has separated themselves from the cell church movement, claiming to be God’s new wineskin for the last days. Listen to Ralph Neighbour ‘s appeal in a paper submitted to the cell Church Missions Network in November 2002, ‘The concept of building a multilevel marketing structure that peaks in the authority of a special Global Apostle with his handpicked assistants has now come into existence. Bedazzled by the promise of fast track growth for their congregations, pastors are kneeling to kiss the gold rings worn by the Apostles. At the same time, they are severing relationships with fellow cell church workers who are not among the devotees. In many parts of the world, painful reports are coming in about pastors who one or two years ago were very intimately involved in helping each other and working together in the cell movements in their cities but who now shun fellowship with others who did not bow to the Apostle’s strategy. ”

8. G12’s emphasis is success. It emphasizes that success is determined by multitudes of converts and by taking possession of and conquering entire nations (pp. 311 ff.). Read Matthew 7:13-14; 22:14.

9. G12 is a kind of a Military Structure and Revolution. Political involvement is essential to transform society and institute God’s Laws on earth. Question: “Did Jesus come to rule the nations and set up the government of 12 giving a system of strict authoritarian leadership?” Gentile leadership (by subjugating) must never be perpetuated within the Christian circle (read Matthew 20:24-28). It is only upon Christ’s return in person that He will set up His Kingdom (read Matthew 19:28). Did Jesus use a pyramiding scheme of ruling from the top to control the entire Nation? Take this warning from the history of the Church during the 16th century. The Anabaptists led by “King John” (Jan Van Leiden) took full control of the whole city of Muster, Germany to declare independence against the Catholics and Lutherans by setting up his New Jerusalem. On June 22, 1535, the Lutherans and Catholics stormed the whole city of Muster that caused the bloody defeat of the Anabaptists.

10. G12 through EGR uses some “Coercive Mind Control Techniques” which by substance is a covert strategy of the false revival. Like some other Charismatic & Pentecostal Movements, it conducts hypnotic techniques and mystical manipulations by prolonged sessions of loud music, clapping, dancing, jumping, and rolling around, in a tiring breathtaking atmosphere until the person has lost consciousness and ultimately falls in a trance. But this is too much of human efforts falsely entering into the realm of the Supernatural. After all, a born again experience is Supernatural, but like Nicodemus, never are we taught by the Scriptures to acquire it by ritualistic and hypnotic means. Even the recorded Encounter with God experiences of Abraham, Jacob, Moses, and Paul was never done in coercive, hypnotic and ritualistic manners. Questions: “Will you value truth over excitement and faith over works?”

11. G12 through EGR welcomes any physical, mental, emotional and spiritual happenings as being from God; Examination of all these happenings is not encouraged. Truth is heavily undermined by experience. But, the Scripture must be the teacher and never a student of experience.

12. It is mandatory that every disciple in the G12 Movement must have Supernatural Power and the Spiritual DNA of Jesus. The G12 Movement emphasizes that “within each cell is carried the DNA, the genetic coding, or blueprint of life itself.” Whose DNA is this? we ask. It further explains, “the church began with Jesus calling the twelve to Him. His master plan was to create a small intimate fellowship of disciples around Him, pouring His life – His ‘DNA’ – into them. ” What then would you call a person who has the Supernatural Power and the Spiritual DNA of Jesus?

13. G12-designed authority is coercive and manipulative. Whatever the leader would say everybody must follow. It must be noted however that the antecedent to all other questions about living and thinking is the question: “By what authority?” Spiritual authority is something only God can have. Even in the evolution of church leadership it is only Christ who is the acknowledged head of every man, not the Disciples, Apostles, Bishops, Elders, or Deacons (1Cor. 11:3). Christian Leadership is never coercive or manipulative; it is marked by servant hood.

14. G12 is generally not a cult but is cultic. Cultic means essentially cult-like. It hence searches for a mystical experience; conducts manipulative activities; sets up control over every aspect of its members’ lives; prohibits scrutiny on its doctrines, teachings and experiences; and anchors its final authority on the 12 leaders.


What will happen to CAMACOP as a denomination if the structure of governance is replaced by the Governance of Twelve? Some might suggest, only a little of G12 and EGR would suffice the church. No way! You will be violating the most sacred vision of Cesar Castellanos. Remember, “Successful Leadership through the Governance of 12” by Cesar Castellanos would only succeed if you fully implement his own methods.

Let us be aware that our spiritual needs can never be resolved by any presumed structural solutions. Instead of clamoring for fame and glory why can’t we step down to service, even to the extent of becoming unappreciated nobodies, martyrs, despised, weak, foolish, hungry, impoverished, maltreated, homeless, persecuted, slandered as Saint Paul said in 1st Corinthians 4: 9 to 13. I would rather be a nobody proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ to everybody no matter what the circumstances might be. After all, as we do the work of the ministry, God delights in our faithfulness rather than by our success (Matthew 25:21, 23; Rev. 2: 10).

Additional Notes: from The Dictionary of Pentecostal and Charismatic Movements (DPCM):

1. Aimee Semple McPherson – A Pentecostal lady evangelist and faith healer and is one of those who popularized the Slain in the Spirit phenomenon. Known for mysterious disappearances and alleged affairs – multiple marriages (two of which ended in divorce) and death from an apparent drug overdose in 1944.

2. Kathryn Kuhlman – Became the best woman preacher of the world considered by Pentecostals “a star even after death” lived in a shadow of her role model, Aimee Semple McPherson. She loved ear expensive clothes, precious jewels, luxury hotels and first class travel and the DPCM notes her marriage to evangelist Burroughs A. Waltrip, who divorced his wife to marry Kathryn Kuhlman. Waltrip destroyed his family and devastated his followers.


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  1. richard bacho says:

    The problem is you dont know about G 12 and you keep on giving a comments without envolving first in the system so that you can experience, because when i read your ideas about G 12 it is obvious that you dont know about G 12

  2. israelmacaray says:

    your arguments is definitely wronged, did u know why?
    1. you are arguing about judas as one of the 12 where you said that Christ character is not reproduced to him. its a big yes thats true but did you notice what happen to judas? G 12 is a model started by Jesus part of this model is that when your attitude as a disciple is like judas you will be like him also.Judas must die so that in the next generation of 12 no more Judas.
    2. you said G 12 has no statement of faith and governing doctrines and beliefs.oh my goodness what kind of argument is that ,if i were u find a nearest G 12 pastor and learned about our doctrines and belief and stop your nonsense argument ok? said G 12 has no special and magical meaning in the bible.wronged again, try to used you mine think about why Jesus disciple 12 instead of having 20 or 40 do you think he is not capable to do such things?do you when God decided to choose 12 His decision is not special and magical to you?common, God is not a magician, Think about this word when God said “upon this Rock i will build my church,” while His twelve disciple standing on the top of this rock…
    4.your other arguments is again nonsense no need to answer, examine your traditional methods and if its not working for so many years its time for you to say goodbye! traditional methods,you need to disciple the people its time to wake up these are not about military revolution but spiritual its against the forces of evil which covering your eyes, G 12 brings LOVE not WAR..

    • Scott Smith says:

      Your logic about the number 12 is completely wrong! The Lord Jesus Christ is the creator of everything and cannot be enslaved by aspect of His own creation. He doesn’t need to obey a number system of 12. You don’t understand why that number is being used in scripture. Read Numbers chapter 2. 12 is 4 x 3, because the tribes of Israel were to be grouped in threes to all 4 points of the compass around the Tabernacle. Each leadership tribe had an historically demonstrable emblem, Reuben (the face of a man), Ephraim (an ox), Dan (an eagle), and Judah (a lion). Oh wow they’re the faces of the four Living Creatures (Ezekiel chapter 1 and Revelation chapter 4). The reason there are 24 elders about the Throne is because its old covenant meets the new covenant of Christ and is fulfilled by His perfect sacrifice and resurrection. 12 disciples plus 12 tribes of Israel. Its a Messianic prophecy fulfilled by Christ alone and not an invitation to form groups of 12. Jesus had 12 disciples to demonstrate that He is the true Messiah and Saviour to all 12 tribes of Israel and then the Gentile World, in fulfilling all prophecy. He replaces the Levites at the centre of the Tabernacle. I imagine that’s N,E, W, S for you and others! It means that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit have sovereignty over all the creation and are not subject to number systems. God uses numbers in scripture to signpost His nature and character. They are not to be used as magical totems to transfer energy flows from the Macrocosm (Universe as God) to the Microcosm (us as emerging gods to become one with the Universe). That is New Age occultism and Castellanos sails his boat mighty close to that kind of numerology sorcery!

      Blessings in Christ

      • Mark says:

        I’m actually curious. Let’s root this in the Word of God. Nothing fancy. I will draw conclusion based on your reasons in accordance with the Word of God. I will point at each point. If you get the chance, please reply.

        1. If Judas was made as a disciple of Christ as Jesus was present here on Earth, does that mean Jesus made the wrong decision? No, our will and decision will still be involved. Judas decided to do what he did. Not Christ. Christ is only setting a pattern and like the G12, it is our decision to follow. But notice the 11 disciples, why did they decide to complete the 12 to replace Judas? For what purpose? It is the pattern Christ set! That is why they must fill the 12 back up again.

        2. It has no statement of faith? Have you read into G12 yet? Honestly, please answer. As a G12 leader, I am repeatedly and continuously taught to dig deep in the Word of God. Make Jesus my pattern. Love like He did. In the cell, I grow deeper by my leader telling me to root myself in God, in Jesus’ love. Your examples of not Biblically-sound subtleties are found in the bible. John 14:13-14: “Whatever you ask in my name, this I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. If you ask me anything in my name, I will do it. In his name, God will give you what you ask”, You must ask God will provide if it is in His will. 1 Cor 12 is all about speaking in tongues by evidence of disciples speaking in tongues. Matt 16:24 Then Jesus told his disciples, “If anyone wants to follow me, he must deny himself, pick up his cross, and follow me continuously. Luke 9:60 Jesus said to him, “Let the dead bury their own dead, but you go and proclaim the kingdom of God.” Remove all ties. G12’s theology is to root yourself in Jesus. Soak in His teachings.

        3. I never understand why people are so stuck on the 12 of G12. Where in the Bible did it say G anything else? Do you see anyone discipling 40? 20? I do see one person discipling 12. Jesus! And his disciples worked to fulfill Jesus pattern by completing the 12. It’s not magic or whatever. We are not hoping for some supernatural power from getting 12. It’s about rooting ourselves in Jesus! He did it to His disciples. His disciples worked to replace Judas. So if you follow Christ, you follow everything. He did it, so do we!

        4. Agree, there were 72 followers. Luke 10 says that. Notice Luke 9, he sent out His 12 first! You notice this is after building a relationship with the 12 for many years. The disciples are the ones who set the example and he propagated a system. What Jesus never did was to appoint any of the 72 to become His disciples, other than His 12. He appointed them as workers, but we know little on who is discipling them. It may very well be a fact that the disciples discipling them and those who are have been sent out to reach. With the same pattern as He told his 12 previously, 2 by 2.

        5. All of this stages have been seen in the Bible. Please clarify which of those is not Biblically Sound. Forgiveness, Jesus’ parable about the man owing the king money. Breaking Curse, Ezekiel 18:20, the son shall die of his father’s sin. 2 Cor 5:17 Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come. Baptism of the Holy Spirit, Acts 2:38, And Peter said to them, “Repent and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins, and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. Matthew 3:11, “I baptize you with water for repentance, but he who is coming after me is mightier than I, whose sandals I am not worthy to carry. He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire. Tell me one thing that is not rooted in the Bible.

        6. The reason Cesar says that is so God can move. Notice Jesus asked His disciple to follow Him, over and over. He told them to abandon everything. That is how God can move us. Tell me, which system can you have that has someone in the back saying, “no, no, it will never succeed”? To move for God, you must give up all you are. Another reason he said that, Christ made a system. A lot of people take the system and change it for what they believe is in the Bible. All of a sudden it is not in the Bible and has become our own thinking. Living in Christ means following Him word for word. And I am telling you, everything in the G12 is from the Bible. That means you should not change it otherwise risk changing it to fit your own agenda, your own thinking. Additionally, I have gone through the SOL, they encouraged me to investigate the teaching in the Bible. When I was taught forgiveness, I had to learn forgiveness through the Bible and then apply it! I was encourage to root myself in the Word more when I was trained.

        7. G12 may seem divisive to those who don’t support it fully. Like when Jesus said drop everything and follow Him, we encourage the leaders to do the same. Why? If you follow God you follow Him fully. You cannot make decision based on people! Who should I please people or God? I have encountered whom I have approached, I shared the love of God and they denied me. I keep on praying for them, I still reach out them, but they look at me as if I am evil. Others I have reached out to but they told me I only follow this part of the Bible but not this part. I told them they are wrong, follow the Word of God, word for word, and they leave. A lot of these ideas are of the World, if you follow Christ, follow Him fully otherwise I cannot lead you spiritually. Of course, you will tell me, “you shunned me.” I do so, because I have a flock I am shepherding with Christ. If you and I don’t have the same vision, and strategy, I cannot lead you. And I must also protect those I look after. It is the same with other denominations. Can you have a Pentecostal Christian to go to a Catholic church and tell everyone to speak in tongues? He will be kicked out! Different views, different strategy then we must have different churches. It is to no offense to anyone. That is not our intention.

        8. So now that is says only a few will be saved, you will not try to reach out to anyone. You take those verses out of context. I follow Matt 28:19-20. “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” So because Christ warns people that only a few will accept the invitation should I not reach out? No! I will focus on the few. Because even if I save one person I am a worker of Christ. Luke 10, the harvest is plenty the workers are few. That is what a follower of Christ does. That is what Christ has pushed for His disciple. But in all my ability, I will reach out to as many as I can. Christ loved everyone and wanted everyone to experience His love. I will reach out to as many people as I can in my lifetime because I have experienced His love and I want everyone else to do so.

        9. Disagree. Christ set up a revolution. “Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think.” Romans 12:2. That is a transformation from the inside and out. “Show yourself in all respects to be a model of good works” Titus 2:7.
        Moreover,, this Political involvement you talk about is very very minor in the scheme of G12. We encourage inner healing first. Letting God transform people to be disciples and real followers of Christ. But we do pray for our land because we want healing in the land. Deut 16:20, “Justice, and only justice, you shall follow, that you may live and inherit the land that the Lord your God is giving you.” But we do not claim to become ruler of the land. I have not heard any member say we must be kings and emperors. No we also strive to reach out to everyone in the land. Again, “make disciples of ALL nations. Reach out to everyone, although many will deny Him. That means government officials too. If they become rooted in Christ, imagine how God can move in the nation.

        10. I really don’t know what more to say for this one. Christ over and over again has talked about being filled with the Holy Spirit. It seems you are against the move of the Holy Spirit. I encourage you to read 1 Corinthians 12. Acts 10 44:48, Peter did what you just explained. It is not hypnotic or mystical it is the Holy Spirit. What is speaking in tongues mean there? Please, please understand the concept that we are not trying to enter the realm of the supernatural. It is the other way around. Christ has sent His Holy Spirit to us. When we experience this, it is not because we are trying to gain a higher existence, but because we love being in His presence. And please don’t tell me, “how can we be in His presence when we are so unholy?” That’s what Christ did, He tore the veil to the holy of holies. Christ moves, and we follow. Because He loved us so much, he wants us to reach a closer relationship with Him. Do I value truth over excitement? Yes, of course. But I am also excited because of His truth. That He wants us to be close to Him. Do I value faith over works? Yes, of course. But my works for Christ shows my faith in Christ. It is never one without the other!

        11. Christ led us to follow Him. How can the truth be undermined my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual happening? In fact we put the truth in our physical being, our mental capacity, our emotional awareness and our spirit. The truth of every word of Christ has seeped through every fiber of our being. I agree the teacher is always the Word of God, and never the student. Please understand that we have never changed the Word of God at all to fit our self. In fact we fit all of our self in the standard of the Word of God. Nothing I have said to you is against the Word of God. Christ is at the steering wheel, but we are in the car, letting Him experience what He wants us to experience. The joy He gives is His alone and not a fabric of ourselves. “Surely no one can stand in the way of their being baptized with water. They have received the Holy Spirit just as we have.” Luke 10:47. We only receive the Holy Spirit through Christ. We do not claim to manifest it, but the Holy Spirit manifests in us.

        12. When Cesar said that he did not mean Jesus poured out the DNA of Christ so that we can become God-like. We realize God as the authority. We will never be fully like Him because He is God. But He set out a pattern, a DNA if you will, so that we can be “like” Him. Realize, Christ drove out demons and cured the sick, and then in Luke 9, “When Jesus had called the Twelve together, he gave them power and authority to drive out all demons and to cure diseases, and he sent them out to proclaim the kingdom of God and to heal the sick.” He patterned the 12 to be like Him. Also notice the prayer of Gethsemane, does Jesus need to pray? No, He and the father are one. But look, he brought His disciples to also pray and even scolded them when they fell asleep. He is creating a pattern. God is praying so they too will pray. That is what Cesar means. A pattern. When Christ said “follow me” He meant do what I do. It is His “master plan”, His “key”, His “DNA.” Did he not do this for His disciples? He gave them the authority to speak His name! He grabbed only 12 and gave them His name! Do you see this with any of the other 72? How much He cared for these 12 and only these 12? He selected only 12, formed His 12 and sent out His 12 (first)

        13. God gives us authority to be leaders. Paul does this to Timothy. “Timothy, my son, I am giving you this command in keeping with the prophecies once made about you, so that by recalling them you may fight the battle well, holding on to faith and a good conscience, which some have rejected and so have suffered shipwreck with regard to the faith. Among them are Hymenaeus and Alexander, whom I have handed over to Satan to be taught not to blaspheme.” 1 Timothy 1:18-20. Also to James “James, a servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ, to the twelve tribes scattered among the nations: Greetings.” James 1:1. Understandably we have been called to servant hood first but even disciples in the olden times were called to lead churches after. They have been sent out and scattered across the nation. In the G12, it is only when we humble to God can we become leaders. We only become good leaders because we have become good followers. In fact, we push that if you have never been discipled you cannot disciple. But realize the fact, that we are supposed to make disciples of the nation. Even though I am a leader, first and foremost, I am a disciple, a follower. I understand your qualms about following a leader with no questions, however understand this: my leader is even more rooted in the Word of God than I am. I can see he is being changed from glory to glory. Beyond anything I can see He follows Christ in and out. His leader is even more rooted than he is. He listens to his leader and follows him because of it. So I do the same. But I can see, whatever, leader says and does is always rooted in the Bible. I questioned him once, then I found in the Bible what he was saying. They are always in tuned. How embarrassing was that for me. I never did it again.

        14. If you say it is cult-like, I will question you a lot. Did Jesus not reveal sign and wonders? Would that not be considered a mystical experience? Did Jesus not tell His disciple to follow Him entirely, which means He controls every aspect of His disciples life? Did He ask them to deny themselves? Did Jesus teach doctrines and tell them that no other way is possible except through Him? Does He not say His Word is God’s Word, which means it is final? By your definition of cult-like, can we not assume that Christ is also cult-like? Never!! Christ has shown His love. I know my leader will never do something against the Bible. I would be worried if the G12 encourages people to not read the Bible, because how do we know what the leader is saying is against the Bible? But I check over and over and over again. Everything my leader says is from the Word. Everything his leader says is from the Word. And he is teaching how to become a good follower. He taught me how I can follow Jesus truly, because when he says something I do it. Now when Christ reveals a command to me, I do it. Period.

        The truth is all these things don’t matter, only Jesus does. Dig deep into the Bible and ask yourself if it is truly from God. Go beyond your thinking and seek God’s thinking. Look for a local G12 church and start seeking God’s heart in the matter. Ask questions, but do so with an open mind and open heart. In honesty, out of anyone else I know, I was the most skeptical about the G12 after hearing articles upon articles that it is a cult. But I seeked God’s heart, and now I am a follower of Christ through the G12 system. My concerns were all answered.

        A brother in Christ,

  3. john says:

    Thanks for sharing.. I reposted it on my blogsite..

  4. Felix F. Aspiras says:

    Thanks for posting! Very instructive and revealing analysis.

  5. Alexandra Park says:

    my church is dividing now… the G12 is not doing any good in my church.. the Pastor overuse his power and the church council were hypnotized by the statement “disobedience to the authority assigned by God to the church is total disobedience to Jesus”… but honestly, there is no multiplication that is happening… the followers are the same old faces who are hesitant to even lead an opening prayer infront of their so-called disciples.

  6. vic says:

    wow this is very surprise truththe body of Christ must be warned from it truly its the last days we must do whatever it takes to prepare God’s people for His coming (Jesus) not for any and another culitic movement.

  7. ELMER says:

    May I ask you too. Is our church winning people to Christ like the G12 churches? Are your church members’ lives transformed-are they discipled like the G12 churches? Are your church members trained to be effective leaders like in the G12 churches? Is our church growing like the G12 churches or your church is dying?

  8. Scott Smith says:

    Here we have the usual naive response from a G12 member that you should experience the G12 environment before you can critique it. I suppose this means we should convert to Islam or Hinduism or become a cult member before we can critique any of those belief systems too! Your logic sir is false! How do you get out again when you’re in? All we need to do is observe your fruit and evaluate it against the Holy Bible. All encounters I’ve had with G12 leaders show a remarkable tendency to be rude and insulting to any forms of reasonable criticism without any logical response to that criticism, your fruit is suspect, nothing from 1 Corinthians 13, Galatians 5:22-23, or ! I have experienced a G12 service, there were ridiculous wailing sounds and groaning, a young man banging his head on the floor repeatedly, another crowing like a rooster and frothing at the mouth. Wow I don’t think I’ll go back there again! The activity of demons!

    The usual implication is here also that critics are not flourishing in their own churches and are therefore envious of G12s rapid growth, they’re lazy. This is a generalised false accusation against churches and members you’ve never even truly evaluated. It’s generalised hokum that you’re being taught from your arrogant leaders, who always think that they’re superior to all other non G12 church leaders. Rapid growth is occurring in many religions that are opposed to Christ, does that make them inspired by the Holy Spirit? How can I be envious of anything when I don’t need what you think you have? I love the Lord Jesus Christ, He is the Living God, He died on the cross for me a repentant sinner, He rose again so that I would rise again with a new resurrection body. I work with the Holy Spirit to do whatever plan the Lord sets before me, I don’t need your MacDonald fast foods rapid conversion discipling experience, away from me I say! What a glorious, loving God is The Christ who can wage war with Him? Stop interfering in our churches build on your own foundation as warned by the Apostle Paul (Romans 15:20) and the Lord Jesus Himself (John 10:1-4), You’re being weighed in the balance and you are definitely wanting! You had better repent of your aggressive attacks against those who are defenders of the Lord’s truth against your empire building arrogance, your unbiblical Dominion Theology, your pyramid hierarchy which rigidly tithes making your leaders wealthy. There are no instructions in the Bible requiring all believers to become cell group leaders and to be in groups of 12 or any other number. That’s false teaching for a Ponzi Pyramid Scheme to be set up!
    The Bible demonstrates that we can critique and publically expose false doctrines like yours, you’re not immune to discipline from other Bible believers, O G12 disciple, not even you (2 Timothy 3:16-17, Galatians 2:11-14, Ephesians 5:11, 1 John 4:1)! We aren’t about to ignore you and let you get on with your repressive, legalistic, works based, money making regime.

    You have nothing I want, I work diligently for the Lord Jesus Christ, I pray for your repentance so that you may perform His work and not the work of Castellanos, Maranatha!

  9. Peter Salazar says:

    Discipleship is a biblical example of Jesus on how to develop a QUALITY, and FRUITFUL follower. It was successful because majority of these Disciples sacrifice their lives to do this great commission. They died because of their love and obedient to Jesus. Wether it is G12, D12, Cell group, or a group of churches in denominations we are all brothers in Christ and I believe all of these system can be useful and helpful to draw souls in Christ if we do it Faithfully, Rightfully, and with Humility. John de Baptist say’s “He must (JESUS) increase, but I must decrease; Jesus said, upon this rock “I WILL BUILD MY CHURCH.” The Holy Spirit SPEAK, SENT, REPROVE, TRUTH, & GUIDE (John 3:30; Matt.6:18; Acts13:2,4; John 16:8, 13). God will always be true but man sometimes failed to be true. Jeremiah 17:9,10 says the HEART IS DECEITFUL ABOVE ALL THINGS and desperately wicked: who can know it? I the Lord search the heart, I try the reins, even to give every man according to his ways, and according to the fruit of his doings.
    12 disciples were trained by Jesus and only one was found unfaithful. PETER denied Jesus but later he repented and received the power of the Holy Spirit; preached the gospel of Jesus and thousands were saved. JUDAS sold Jesus for 30 pieces of silver. Peter denied Jesus because of natural fear maybe because he did not yet received the baptism of the Holy Spirit but Judas betrayed Jesus intentionally because of MONEY!!!
    G12 Vision is to make disciples…this is an excellent work & a very passionate ministry in the local church. A Christian who do this must be patient, very sincere and willing to sacrifice. “winning the lost at all cost.”
    i know there are very sincere and honest leaders in the G12 who speak the truth from their heart but SOME ARE NOT. This is my constructive comment:
    1. Jesus taught his disciples to be humble therefore we must all remain humble in our speech and in our action. LET US NOT BE PROUD & BOASTFUL because our church is growing in number. Church members or quantity growth is not our fundamental basis that we are more holy, great, blessed and acceptable in the sight of God. Jesus know his sheep and called them by their individual name and Jesus sheep know their shepherd’s voice. When many of our new recruit are aggressive, they are hungry of souls but have no fruit of the Holy Spirit and they will be allowed to do a certain ministry specially in teachings without experiencing John 3:3, this new believers will become BOASTFUL. Let us be aware…Not all among sheep in the flocks are real sheep outside and real sheep inside. There are sheep outside but goat inside and the are also fake sheep outside but wolves inside… Jesus call it WOLVES IN SHEEP CLOTHING. Their pride manifest outside because this is their inside. There is a reality in the “Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speak.” Beware because Jesus reminded us to be on guard. Wolves wants sheep because of what they can get. (John 10:3,27; Matt.25:32-34; Matt.7:15-16)
    Praise God if your ministry is growing make sure there are no wolves. Goats should be tame as sheep and give all the Credit to Jesus not to leaders. Don’t lift up your leaders or you’re teaching them to be boastful. Lift Jesus higher!! Jesus said If I be lifted up I will draw all men to me.”
    There are Churches growing in quantity and quality even in financial and material blessings and their Pastor remain MEEK and and more HUMBLE.
    2. Please be reminded of what Jesus said to his disciples “FREELY YOU HAVE RECEIVED, FREELY GIVE.”(Matt.10:7-8)
    Jesus feed his 4,000 and 5,000 listeners in distinct time, place and people. The disciples lost their passion for a while about physical hunger of the people who came from far place to listen to Jesus teaching and so they want this people to go home without food but Jesus insist to feed them and they were full.
    Many apostles came in the Philippines to strengthen the church. They showed their true love to the Filipino in the spirit, soul and physical by giving free seminars, with food, books and bible
    Even Filipino apostles who are concern in Philippine Churches they gave a free seminars without registration held in large venues. I’m just thinking can the G12 Philippines do these? Since their networks, ministries and members are growing tremendously? Can they do this even once? The bible says “It is more blessed to give than to received.” Whatsoever you sow you shall reap.” Sometimes it is better to give freely than to collect expensively. If not I suggest that try to reduce your registration.
    Please be reminded to all Pastors:
    Deuteronomy 8:11-14
    Beware that in your plenty you do not forget the Lord Your God and Disobey his commands , regulations and laws, for when you have become full and built fine homes to live in and when your flocks and herds had become very large and your silver and gold have multiplied along with everything else THAT IS THE TIME TO BE CAREFUL . DO NOT BECOME PROUD AT THAT TIME and forget the Lord your God.1Corinthians 4:7
    what makes you better than anyone else? What do you have that God hasn’t given you? And if all you have is from God, why boast as though you have accomplished something on your own?
    Galatians 6:14a
    But God forbid that I should glory, save in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ..
    Hebrews 13:5
    Stay away from the love of money, be satisfied with what you have…
    I believe most leaders of G12 are Intelligent and wise. And biblical wisdom is first humble and not proud. As Pastors don’ say to your leaders “THERE IS MONEY IN SOULS.” Or you leaders will love member’s money and not the members. The price of our salvation is blood and life of Jesus. Jesus said feed my sheep. He did not say take milk from my sheep. It is fair enough that members give their tithes and offerings but please do not force your members to give all their money. Leaders must be contented in their wages. If members are all generous and willing to give Their extra money to the leader… If you are that leader you are blessed. But! For Your calling sake feed the sheep with sound teachings from God’s pure word even it is free of charge.

    Pastor Castillanos teaching is an encouragement to all pastors. His life is a living testimony to all who knows him. I pray that some g12 leaders may learn and follow his example and that one day there will be a free seminar with food and materials for all delegates. Try to plant, prove that your love is pure. Prove that you are also willing to sacrifice. If there is no way to sacrifice or free. REDUCE your registration COLLECTION.
    To those guilty some leaders of g12 if you are really intelligent and spirit filled leaders you will consider this advice

  10. Roland says:

    You will know them by their fruits that is the key.
    Base from what i’ve read it sounds more like G12 redefine the word submission. All I can say is that the Apostles followed Jesus Christ willingly and not by force and that He washed his disciples feet instead the other way around. That is enough for me to understand what is happening no more second thoughts. Jesus Christ is the only way.

    • Mark says:

      Hi Roland,

      I don’t know where you have read that G12 redefines the word submission. No member was forced into the G12 but encouraged. The reason why a lot of people leave a G12 church is not because they were kicked out by the Pastor or the leader, or ex-communicated by anyone. In fact, we encourage non-G12 members to stay in the church. Most people leave on their own accord.

      And you are right, that is the meaning of being a leader, when Jesus washed His disciples’ feet. The truth is I have been a leader before. Most times, I just give them some words of encouragement from the bible, we have a discussion and go about our way. The G12 encourages us to look into the lives of the one we are leading. We are encouraged to cater to them so to make their spiritual life stronger. I remember when some of the people I am leading first accepted Christ, I went to their house several times at 7am before their school, so we can read the Word of God, meditate on it. It was a sacrifice for me. It was hard. But I know, they needs spiritual food everyday. The reason I do so is because my leader has toiled for me to do so before. (Yes, I was a leader who read the Bible three or four times a week, embarrassing) Jesus redefined the meaning of leader to mean a servant and a follower. In fact, I try not to lord over them at all, but cater to them. But as a leader, I will tell them the importance of the Bible, prayer, the role of the Holy Spirit, and doing.

      Again you are right, Jesus is the only way. But do you follow everything He says? do you make disciples of all nation? Jesus was not only a talker he was a doer. He was not only a thinker he was a doer. Look at how he attacked the Pharisees. Most times, He did so because they sit up on their perch and judge many of passersby. They pass judgement like the people are evil and condemned by them not even coming close to them. The problem with the church today is we have become like these pharisees. Our church, a G12 church, focus mainly to cater to the people, a hospital for the sick, a help to the blind, a way for the lost. It does not matter if you employ G12 or not, if you focus on Jesus’ actions and do what He did, then I applaud you. You are doing what Christ did, that is enough. G12 is after all a system. But a system, without the guide of the Holy Spirit and without the heart for the people that Jesus repeatedly preached about, will die.

      If you have another more effective system to achieve creating disciples of all nation please tell me. See the thing I also saw is that, most people preach the Word of God. They bring people in once into the church but afterwards, they tell the follow-up team follow this guy up. No one took ownership of the responsibility of raising the new-found Christian into a strong and faithful servant of Christ. Soon, they disappear from the church, and they are that much harder to reach out because the people will say, it’s happened before. All because no one takes ownership. The follow up team will say, I have so many that people are throwing at me, why can’t they handle it on their own. The person who made the conversion will say it’s the follow-up team’s job now. Also the new Christian will say, whoa, I’m being passed around. The G12 is just a system so that someone can allow this person to accept Christ, then the same person can follow up these people, train them to become strong through the Word of God. And follow Jesus entirely.

      A thought just came to my mind while answering this. Please do not confuse our works as a need for salvation. We believe that it is through faith in Christ that we are saved. But action is the fruit of our faith. After all, faith without action is dead. In fact, “These people are blemishes at your love feasts, eating with you without the slightest qualm—shepherds who feed only themselves. They are clouds without rain, blown along by the wind; autumn trees, without fruit and uprooted—twice dead.” Jude 1:12. Do you only continue to feed yourself or do you find other you can share to and bring them in as one of God’s own? Our fruits are in the disciples we are able to make for Christ.

      A brother in Christ,

      • Scott R. Smith says:

        Hello Mark

        I believe your response placed under my name above was a mistake. Should it not be directed to Pastor Isaias Cartorse and not myself (Scott Smith)? I’ve been meaning to reply to you before but it would be very lengthy as I disagree with most of your answers to Pastor Cartorse. Although I disagree thus, I give you credit for being the only G12 member to attempt to debate all of the points that Pastor Cartorse makes instead of being brief and dismissive as the other comments are.

        I find it curious that no G12 members have ever replied to my two postings here, unless of course you have as I’ve mentioned here. I wish to communicate with you directly to discuss these issues which clearly affect the Body of Christ. I don’t know how to do this I take it that the site moderator will supply your email address to me if you are willing? If you want to see a response here I will undertake to do so with respect to yourself of course.

        I am an expatriate New Zealander who lives permanently in Davao City. In 2010 I was directed by my pastor to research the G12 movement and present a seminar to our church (Alliance). It was entitled “Exposing the Cultic Teachings of G12.” I do not come to the conclusion that G12 is a cult in this expose, but rather than there are cultic tendencies which will vary from church to church or group to group. I presented this seminar to 40 Alliance pastors in late 2010. Pastor Cartorse has cited my work in some presentations he has made against the G12 Movement.

        Naturally it’s very unpleasant and confrontational to oppose another person’s belief system but it must be done according to Scripture without aggressive insult and with firmness but respect. It must be done! That’s Scriptural! 2 Timothy 3:16-17.

        Kindest blessings in the Lord Jesus Christ

        Scott R. Smith

      • mark man says:

        I believe in this life there’s only two things that you must desire in you heart’
        “The TRUTH” and ‘The RIGHT”
        that will never ever change’ there is only one Truth, only one Right way to the truth…
        i believe that all of us will agree to that 🙂

        let us just be aware of this:)
        remember “ALL” scriptures is God-breathed (2tim 3:16)

        im not a fan of G12 and im not against it…. you both have your sides… just remember that no one can ever contain the fullness of God in a book, in a church, or in a single doctrine’. or in anything (act 7:48) Because God is perfect and God is great that no one can comprehend, (even solomon cannot).

        lets be blameless in this, i like this article, i like what is happening today that the gospel is preach to many(through G12), and i hate the G12-cult!! Let our God, the God that created heaven and earth judge those who misled the sheep’ even if they now the fact that they are lacking something.

        as we live, lets continue to dig deeper in deeper, remember that the deeper you get in the truth the firmer your stand is, and no man can get to the bottom ^___^
        lets continue to bless our Lord 🙂

        Glory to God alone!

  11. Scott R. Smith says:

    My apologies to Pastor Catorce for spelling his name incorrectly in my recent posting!

    Love in Christ

    Scott R. Smith

  12. kenny says:

    Jennifer Ward says:
    September 4, 2008 at 4:09 pm
    This is an e-mail that I received from Pastor Rich Witmer G-12 Yuma, AZ yesterday. Witmer sent this e-mail to me after I had written him with grave concerns of the G-12 church that I attended until recently.

    Hi Jen,

    3 Things:

    1. I am in the Philippines for 19 days. We are meeting with 1,000s of pastors.

    2. My son has an amoebic parasite and we have been with him constantly when we are not ministering.

    3. You have confirmed my initial feeling about you: You are a rebel and an enemy of the Kingdom of God.

    I will be at WOFC in October. If you are there, I will be glad to prophesy over you. You will not enjoy the prophecy. Problems in the Church can be fixed. Problems in your character will destroy your life. You are a rebel. I will be glad to forward your emails to Pastor Ryan to ensure that he knows that you are a traitor to the Body of Christ. Thanks for reading the books and ignoring the priniciples.

    You obviously are only concerned about those things in your own backyard to think that your concerns go to the top of my priority list. Repent while you have a chance…..

    Don’t go away mad… just go away.

    Ps Rich Witmer
    Mark 9:23

    The experiences that I have had in this church are horrific to say the least.

  13. Renewed One says:

    Renewed One by Jesus Grace and Mercy,
    Thank you on your concern about the body of Christ and I know how much more Jesus was very much concern about His people, Jesus never let His people be deceived, When I experienced this G12 it completely sets me free from all the sins and bondage that only GOD knew that I’ve been doing in secret. My suggestion is that try to focus on what’s going on at the United Methodist church in the Philippines because my husband was a Pastor in the Philippines he was been invited with some of the United Methodist Church and the lives of your members are not living in good testimonies because after attending church they can drink beer(alcohol),nagsusugal(gambling),nagmumura(cursed) they did not experienced being “Born Again” they did not know the meaning of 2 Corinthians 5:17 Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come:[a] The old has gone, the new is here!
    For me all that I knew that I was been set free , yes I’m free and continue winning souls for Christ AMEN. Glory to you our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ


  14. concerened one for all G12 members says:

    Wow—well I was part of a start up church that went G12 after one year—I must tell you after 35 years of serving my God and King it was one of the worst if not THE worst church experiences of my life–The Pastor became a tyrant and he would submit to no one ever—I was on the worship team–He said anyone who is not part of the G12 movement will not make it into heaven–that the G12 is the only true church on the planet today—and he said if I was not for him and not into the G12 to leave the church at once—now I was living on church property–This pastor–Mike Rittenhouse from Salisbury Maryland broke the lock of my storage unit on the property and told the community to take anything and everything they wanted–now mind you my parents had passed away as well as my brothers and my entire family inheritance was in the storage building–family photos–heirlooms–everything—furniture etc. and what was not stolen at the urging of Rittenhouse was put in a dumpster and thrown away—all because I dared to say I thought the G12 was not totally of God and that I could be a part of no such thing—
    Do I think G12 is a Cult— I would have to say yes I do—it was the most brain washing thing I could imagine and totally no biblical—

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