Call to Action – The Council of Bishops, The United Methodist Church

“We are Called to Action”

“FOR THE SAKE OF A NEW WORLD, we see a new church.
WE SEE A NEW CHURCH. It is a church that is clear about its future, a church that is always reaching out, inviting, alive, agile, and resilient. We see a church that is hope-filled, passionate, nimble, called by God, and courageous. It is a church that is passionately committed to the mission and vision of the Wesleyan movement. This church takes ricks to serve the poor, reach new people, and search continuously for creative ways to help each person grow in grace, love and holiness.

TODAY WE CALL YOU TO ACTION, to join with United Methodist sisters and brothers from around the world in the adventure of becoming a New Church. The most important steps will not result from legislative action at General Conference or in annual conferences. Instead, they will require different actions and patterns of leadership by bishops, clergy, and laity. These changes must be grounded deeply in the spiritual discipline of prayer and fasting. These changes have already begun, and the Call to Action is already starting to be employed un many congregations and conferences.


• GROW VITAL CONGREGATIONS that will make disciple of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world;
• DEMONSTRATE COURAGEOUS TURNAROUND LEADERSHIP that leads the church towards deep Holy Spirit change;
• TAKE RISKS; experiment in ministry as we go to the margins of society to minister with the poor, immigrants, prisoners, and the homeless, as well as with the non-religious and nominally religious people in our communities;
UNITE AS ONE; develop deeper trust so that together we face our adaptive spiritual challenges;
• SET VISIONARY GOALS and support one another as we eagerly experiment, innovate, embrace, and regularly account for our ministries.

-The Council of Bishops, The United Methodist Church
December 2011

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3 Responses to Call to Action – The Council of Bishops, The United Methodist Church

  1. Nelson Castorillo says:

    I think, the Council of Bishops should allow pastors who have experience in church planting and revitalization to to their jobs. The Cabinet should not interfere in anyway how the church is being managed and administered by the senior pastor to keep it growing. I also appeal to the Council of Bishops to embark on establishing Filipino United Methodist churches in Europe and around the globe Filipinos are prolific in a lot of ways and they are scattered around the world. Bishops should allocate decent salary support for the Filipino pastors who are willing to start Filipino church in foreign country witnessing to their own community.

  2. fbilog says:

    I fully agree that the Bishop, and the annual conferences should allow pastors who have experienced in church planting and revitalization to do their jobs. I also add that the Bishop, should appoint pastors who have been effective in opening communities for church work and planting churches and that churches and or the annual conferences give full financial support.
    It is unfortunate that good and effective pastors are assigned in big churches that can give them good benefits, while the pastors in the frontier areas do not even receive a poverty line support. No wonder we are slow in opening churches, except of those mission churches under a mission oriented local churches who are fertile in concieving and birthing daughter churches..

  3. Dear,Church
    Greetings in Jesus’ name. I am Bishop I. Paul from Pak Methodist Church, Lahore, Pakistan. Dear The Executive Board of The Methodist Church is registered here in Pakistan from 1950 and in 1947 Pakistan was separated from Hindustan. Pak Methodist Church is the new name of The Executive Board of The Methodist Church. We are working independently from 1970 and in a country like Pakistan it’s very tough to work because we are minorities in Pakistan.

    I have visited your website and saw your work, it is really good and I really appriciate your work. Me and my team will pray for you all and May he bless us with a chance to work together for the poor people of Pakistan.

    God Bless you. I will be waiting for your kind reply.

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