Davao Episcopal Area Delegates to the General Conference 2012

The highest legislative body of The United Methodist church will be meeting in Tampa Florida, USA on April 24 to May 4, 2012.

Our prayers for the success of the General Conference is very important as 1000 clergy and lay delegates coming from all around the world gather to deal with our mission, policies, structures, our social principles on issues and concerns and program ministries.

Some of the principal delegates from the different annual conferences in the Philippines were not able to get a US Visa, so the reserve delegates who were granted a US Visa and the reserve delegates with a US Visa took their place.

The delegates from the annual conferences within the Davao Episcopal area that will be able to attend are the following:

Mindanao Philippines Annual Conference:
Mr. Imingcio Plang
Rev. Connie Semmy Mella

East Mindanao Phil. Annual conference
Mrs. Divina Castilla (Reserve Delegate)
Rev. Ace Painit

Northwest Mindanao Phil. Annual Conference
Mrs. Regina Cansino (Reserve Delegate)
Rev. Maxinimino Maregmen (Reserve Delegate)

Visayas Philippines Annual Conference
Mr. Rufo Santos
Rev. David Cosmiano (Reserve Delegate)

Bicol Phil. Provisional Annual Conference
Mr. Edgar Gonzales (Reserve Delegate)
Rev. Willy Vargas

Let us continue to pray for the General Conference for the kingdom and glory of God.

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