Bishop Park Named Presiding Bishop of Mongolian Mission

Bishop Park Named Presiding Bishop of Mongolian Mission (From GBGM Newsletter)
A country of vast semi-desert and desert plains, Mongolia is sandwiched between China and Russia in northern Asia. It has been a democracy since the fall of communism in Eastern Europe in 1990. While over 50 percent of the nation’s people are Buddhist and another 38 percent atheists, the end of religious repression in the 1990s also allowed other religions, including Christianity, to spread. Today, there are 41,000 Christians living in Mongolia.

In December, Bishop Jeremiah J. Park of the New York Episcopal Area was named the first presiding bishop of the Mongolian Mission of The United Methodist Church.

“I anticipate I will travel to Mongolia once a year to conduct an annual meeting and to supervise, support, and strengthen the mission of our church in that part of the world in collaboration with the General Board of Global Ministries,” Park wrote in a December 2011 letter announcing his appointment.

“Mongolia is a nation undergoing rapid social and economic changes, and church leaders are finding a people longing for the gospel of Jesus Christ,” the bishop wrote. “I am thrilled to be part of this effort, and ask you to pray for our missionaries and the people of Mongolia.”

United Methodist mission work began in this Central Asian nation in 2001, with initial support coming largely from Korean United Methodists and the North Georgia Annual Conference. Learn more about the Mongolian Mission and the Mongolian Mission Initiative.

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