One Great Hour of Sharing

One Great Hour of Sharing, a United Methodist Special Sunday will be celebrated on Sunday March 18. All United Methodist Churches are enjoin to celebrate this special Sunday with special offering that supports United Methodist Committee on Relief’s (UMCOR’s) vital work  to alleviate human suffering.Through One Great Hour of Sharing, we can be assured that when catastrophes occur, your church, impelled by Jesus’ love and compassion, will be in the lead to ease the pain.

Gifts to this offering underwrite UMCOR’s “cost of doing business” They help UMCOR keep its promise that 100% of every other gift that you make to specific project can be spent on it, not on UMCOR’s home office cost.

For more than 70 years, UMCOR has brought hope and solidarity to communities both at home and abroad in the wake of disaster, and support and expertise to those on a path to development.UMCOR’s relief-supply ministry is part of those efforts, gathering the goodwill of selfless volunteers to assemble much-needed relief kits and cleaning buckets to ship to those seeking to become self-sufficient or to rebuild lives and communities following an emergency.

While One Great Hour of Sharing is traditionally celebrated on the fourth sunday of Lent, you can choose the date that works best for your congregation. Offering materials are available online and in print throughout the year to support your offering celebration.

Most gifts coming to UMCOR have been designated for specific programs. Those programs receive 100% of those designated gifts. Donation to the One Great Hour of Sharing offering also assist UMCOR programs that have not been fully funded through designated Advance gifts.

The compassion of Jesus makes all things new. As Christians we’re called to do the same: to offer the hands, the hearts and the hope of the church wherever people are suffering. Your gifts to the One Great Hour of sharing, channeled through UMCOR, enable the church to answer that call.

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