2012 General Conference of the United Methodist Church

The highest legislative body of The United Methodist Church will be meeting  in Tampa, Florida, USA, on April 21-May 4, 2012. Around 1000 official delegates from the annual conferences of The United Methodist Church all over the world, from US, Europe, Africa and Africa gather every four years to legislate important matters regarding its life and mission.

The delegates coming from outside mainland United States are encountering problems in securing their B1/B2 entry Visa to the United States. It is the position of the US embassy that all who apply to enter the United States are not going back to their own country, so all the applicants need to prove that they are going back home after their business in the United States. Among the 10 delegates coming from the Davao Episcopal Area, 5 have already been denied a US Visa. This is also happening to the delegates of other annual conferences in the Philippines. It is our prayer that those delegates who are re-applying be given reconsideration for an entry US Visa.

Issues regarding church structure and the Call to Action for Vital congregations are just two of the important concerns that will dealt with. Participation of the delegates from outside the United States will surely give inputs to the decisions that will be made, thus making it effective in the context of their region.

Following is the brief program overall program of the 2012 General Conference in Tampa, Florida. The Committee on Agenda will plan in detail each day’s business schedule once the Conference convenes. the first week is assumed to be legislative committee work Saturday, and the second week is for plenary sessions.

United Methodist churches all over the world are praying for the success of the 2012 General Conference. Thank you for your prayers too.

April 21 -25  Registration and housing

April 22-        Orientation for International delegates

April 23-        Orientation of Marshals, Legislative Committee Recorders.

April 24-        Orientation of Heads of Delegation & Organization of Committees

April 25-28     Legislative committee Meetings

April 29-May 4- Plenary Session of the General Conference

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